Every cent of the money donated over the course of my adventures will go to the cause.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and can be made in a number of ways. Along the adventure routes I will have collection buckets for your donation

Funds Raised So far 

2011 ~ Nick Chisholm Bike fund – $40,000 NZD

2012 ~ New Zealand Stroke Founation – $20,295 NZD

2012 ~ Japan Tsunami Affected Areas – $19,500 NZD

2015 ~  Run with us America-100 Mile Club –  $ 6000 USD

2015- Canada Transcon bike ride – 100 Mile Club – 6000USD

Thank you so much for supporting my events so far. We have done one for the NZ Stroke foundation and one for the Tsunami affect areas in Japan, USA run and Canada bike ride for the 100 Mile Club .

Thank you for your support! Any questions please email me at

Your friend in adventure and helping others

Jup Brown

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