Day 26 – Show Low up R260 towards Eagar

Another awesome night, this time at the Timber Mesa Fire Department. The guys took us in and really looked after us. We couldn’t slide the Pole but got to wear the Helmets, I had the captains. We started a little later than usual but not to much and it just meant the sun was out in force already.

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We both were feeling good and started off good. We had decided last night after chatting to the Fire boys that the R260 up and over the mountain is heaps better for views and was only around 5 miles longer than running the 60 so we went over the hill. It was a great road and hardly any traffic. We went through a couple of Reservations and into Apache county, Not a lot out there but so beautiful.

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We got up to 8200ft today and into a little snow but nothing but sunshine around. It was a great run, not steep at all.

Day 213 pat snow run Day 220 Day 217

Our AWESOME crew again were awesome and each time we stopped which was about every 10 miles they had everything spread out and waiting. We are so lucky. Pat sipping down a IPA beer and some Salt & vinegar chips here. He was happy as.

pat beer break

Back out for the last few miles which took us to 33miles in just under 8 hours today. A good day out again. we went over the 1000km mark today, Little mile stone. We will hit New Mexico the day after tomorrow.

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We had been offered a room to stay at with Mormon family here in Eagar but they rang us today saying their family was a bit sick and didnt want us to get sick, They had booked us a room at the Best Western hotel, WOW thank you so so much , then gave us some money for dinner. Thankyou so much Ed and Kelly you guys are to special.

Day 226


Here is today MAP.

Another great day out on the road and we are feeling good. Thanks so much for your support, Everyone who has been helping Vanessa and Shacky with the accommodation for the next few weeks I can’t thank you enough, .You are to amazing. .

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