About Jup


My name is Jup Brown, I’m 44 years old and I’m from Wanaka, New Zealand. I have a love for travel and in the past 6 years I took that love to a level that turned into something amazing… I ran the length of New Zealand, 2937kms in 67 days and then Japan 4259kms in 97 days, The US 5410kms in 114 day and then rode a bicycle across Canada 13400kms in 125 days. So much FUN!

I wasn’t a runner before then but with my love of sports, and desire to do something different with every day where I can, I had the idea. After meeting a special man called Nick Chisholm, my run and reason to do it stepped up a level. A level that would change my life and show just how powerful a smile is, and how much of a difference it can make when people come together for something special.

When I’m not travelling around our awesome world I’m either working as a plumber in NZ and Australia, or in Japan where I have been visiting regularly for the past 20 years. In Japan I work on a ski field where I build a Mogul course for one of the stops on the World Cup Circuit that comes to Japan. I help dig and build the course and also translate for the athletes when they arrive. I love this job. I have been lucky and are getting chances to do other World Cups and all sorts of events.

Below are a few shots from between  2011 and now,  you can also find more information on it at www.jupbrown.com  It was the best thing I have ever done in my life and I’m now looking forward to doing more of the same, but in a different way. My goal is to have as much fun and enjoy the people who I am always so lucky to meet along the way.

Thank you all!!



18 thoughts on “About Jup

  1. Hi Jup,

    How’s the runningn going? I know from your last post you are enjoying the snow and the Mogul Championships. Looks very exciting from the photos
    I am a friend of Mel Winder and she passed on your blog to me
    I live in Kobe Japan so we figured the next time you are in this area, we could catch up for a run perhaps.
    I will also be running the Mt. Fuji Ultra race in May. Will you be running this?
    Anyway enjoy the championships and I look forward to a run some day

    • Hey Linda,
      Great to hear from you, I have seen that Fuji ultra and have thought of doing it one year, I will be there at almost the same time, so we might be able to catch up, Im planning to go up and over fuji on my run so maybe you could come for training, haha, I will be coming though Kobe so i hope we can meet up and run then together, tell everyone you know to come too, make it a fun day and maybe a dinner together after a run, Id be keen,
      Thankyou so much and so sorry for late reply, Wont be that long from now I promise,
      talk soon,
      smiles Jup

  2. Hi! How’s going??
    I was enter Mogul’s Japan Champion ship in Listel. So I known you. But I didn’t know that you are from Wanaka. My name is Wanaka because my parents married in Wanaka. I don’t know why but I’m happy to know that! I really cheering you! When you come to Hokkaido, I’d like to running with you. Goood luck:)

    • HI Wanaka, yes I know you, I was talking to Judges and my boss and they told me that your name was wanaka. sugoi ne.
      Mail honto ni arigatou.
      thankyou for your support, please tell all your friends and then they can tell their friends, help me make this run BIG, mina kara no Oen arena Tohoku ni todoku yo, I hope.
      I look forward to running with you, today was first day, Im little tired but good, I feel good to have sunny day for start .
      Thankyou so much

  3. How do you get to Amami ooshima to Yakushima?
    There is no access by ship.
    If you go to Yakushima,you should go to Kagoshaima one time.

    Tetsu in Tanegashima

    mobile 080-2719-6132

    • HI Tetsuya san, Yes I will fly to Yakushima from Amamiooshima via Kagoshima. Is there ferry from Yakushima to Tanegashima? if yes do you know the timetable? Ill give you a call tomorrow. Thankyou so much

  4. 北海道札幌に来たら寄りなさい!

  5. Jup sama

    Kinou comment sita Ogura desu.
    Nono san no blog ni Kagawa wo hasshiru to kaiteattanode
    sositara kochiranohouwo hashittemoraetara to omottanodesuga
    motomotono rute ga Tokushima kara Awajishima he dattanodesune.
    Yokushirazuni comment shiteshimatte sumimasenndesita.

    Yoteiga nakereba Tokushima ni ashiwo hakobukotomo dekimashitaga
    Shigotoga ari kanawazu zannendesu.

    Kazeno tsuyoihiga tudukimasuga gannbatte hashittekudasai!

      • I used to live in Osaka but now I’m back in wellington otherwise I’d go run with you! and I have some friends in Osaka who would have too. I’m fb and tweeted about you though so hopefully some others will!

  6. Hi Jup
    I was going to bring my family up to see you finish this but I have broken my foot and traveling there is a bit too hard now. Thank you for the experiences, it was very important to me and what you are doing is incredible. Have a great party to celebrate your victory. Good luck with the next one and I will be watching for you. Hi to Shigo.
    Best regards
    Chris Darvall

  7. Hey Jup!
    It’s Kelsie the lovely waitress from “by the sea Cafe”
    I found a few videos and pictures of the iceberg from a birds eye view that you missed out on! I would love to get them to you but unsure how. Also been looking for the iceberg pics you took yourself, can’t see them anywhere. I hope you’re still having a wonderful and safe trip! You have way more nerve then me! Anyways, just keeping in touch ;). Stay safe!

    • Hey kelsie, so awesome to hear from you,
      thanks so much for finding those and maybe you could email them to me, jupbrown7@gmail.com
      or can you upload them on facebook? Jup Brown
      I put mine shots on this blog and a couple on facebook.
      Email me anyways and Ill send you them.
      It was so awesome to meet you, wish i could have stayed longer.
      Ill be back so keep in touch and we can catch up again ,out of work time.
      Thanks so much

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