Day 108- Heading out to the Oregon coast and meeting Craig .

I left Sheridan and was heading for the coast at Lincon. I was happy to as my bro Craig was going to be joining me from today for a couple of days. He has been a huge help and supported me in so many ways this whole year. I stayed at his house for 3 weeks in Oregon right before I started the run.

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It was a bit over cast at start but by the time I made the coast the sun was out. The coast line of Oregon is a special place and kinda felt like I was coming home.

I got a flat tire early on and it happened right by a café so popped in to wash my hands and headed up eating this. Haha . Only cause Im cycling heaps aye.

Day 235

I met up with Craig in Newport at Nanas Irish bar. He had been waiting for me for a bit and in that time told the owner and others about my trip. So when I rolled in I was introduced to the whole bar, it was so awesome and great to have their support. Craig is a legend .

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Then I rode on along this coast line. Check out the beauty of it. Craig snapped a few photos and I made it to the Beach state park camp ground. I was a bit tired and needed a shower so we camped here.

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So awesome to be able to talk and laugh with a good mate. Its been ages and we had lots to catch up on. Thanks so much bro. A fun day out.

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I did 80 miles and felt slow as but made my goal so happy

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