Day 105 – Into Portland, Seeing friends, Sweet days riding, Troubles with phone and cameras.

A sweet nights sleep even after I got a couple of visitors late evening but they were just coming to hang out at my cool pad. I had a big day planned of 100 Miles to make it to Portland and legs not feeling awesome I knew I would need all day.

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A nice ride pretty much along side a river with only a few little rises which I was happy about. I found this cool wallpaper in a toilet so was inspired to pedal on , you find things in the most amazing places sometimes. The universe letting me know to keep strong and going.

Day 22 Day 21

As I was just hitting 50 miles I ran into this huge river and the bridge I had to go over was like a mountain. But sweet views from the top.

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As I come down the other side of the bridge I found I was in Oregon, Yahoo I knew I was going to make it today but not this soon. SO awesome as now its only one more state to get to and the end is close.

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I got stronger as the day went on even with a little niggle in the back on my left leg but a few quick rubs and so soft words to it it was ok and I crushed into Portland around 5pm. The last 2 weeks my phone which I use to take most of my photos has been playing up and not working at all sometimes. Photos are bad and that makes me sad. I need the photos to tell the story aye as my english is no good. As you know.

Day 233 Day 234 Day 232 Day 231

So I went down to the Apple store to see what i could find, And test the visa card out one more time. Im dying in that area and everything is about eating only from here on so something like this is not needed. The boys there sorted me out and Im back on.

I met up with Stephen and Nadine and we went out for dinner. me and Stephen had crewed together at the Badwater Ultra for our great friend Mark Woolley about 2 years ago so it was great to catch up again. He also takes amazing photos so I was picking his brains to help me do more. I love taking shots but have no idea.

Another great day, Body went good, Made it here and now just to plan the rest of the trip. I need a plan and will post it hopefully tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Day 105 – Into Portland, Seeing friends, Sweet days riding, Troubles with phone and cameras.

  1. Hey Jup,
    You ran across America, cycled across Canada, thought you might swim the last leg PMSL. Your engrish ain’t too bad and anyways, now your in America, their engrish is even worse than yours lol.
    I’ve really enjoyed following your journey. Loved your photos. Keep them coming

  2. Holy shit Jup! We were in Portland on the same day!! I had just arrived there on Oct 15 for one week for a conference – if only I had known you were going to be there!! Who knew you were crazy enough to keep going on that bike? Everyone did!

    Really sorry I missed you man, but our paths will cross again, no doubt!

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