Day 69, Back on the road,School visits, Sun and no wind Yahoo

Until yesterday I was thinking I was heading to Edmondton next as I thought Tami lived there, haha I was wrong, this meant I was changing my route as there was no way I was missing seeing her. I checked the maps yesterday and figured out a new path to take, only 300kms extra which sounds a lot but that’s 2 days riding so not far in the sceem of things.  I was off to Medicne Hat city and then via Calgary I will head north to Edmondton. Cant not see a close dear friend,

Michelle made a awesome breakie and after some good byes to David we set off in the cool air yet beautiful sunrise morning. Michelle was on her bike with me to become the first person to ride with me, So happy. We took a nice bike path towards highway 7 which I would be on for the day.

Said good bye and thankyou and headed off own the road with no real plan .

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I made it to Vanscoy town at about 50km mark and stopped for a coffee, while there I met a lady who drove a school bus, We got talking and she told me the school was just around the corner, I smiled and headed off to try my luck.

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The principal was great and went around and got every class to come and met in the gym.

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My smile was huge again as the kids rolled in and looked excited to be here. I chatted away for a while and then got some cool questions. The school is a very active school too with Cross country teams running heaps and lots fo sports being played. Great to see.











Then all the kids came up and past me and we shaked hands and I answered some last questions they might have been to shy to ask before. I then got a cool little present and a awesome letter. Thankyou so so much for that and letting me meet everyone. I really enjoyed it.

I then headed off west and rolled in to Dilesle town and decided to try my luck again at the 2 schools there. Not able to see the elementary school kids as they were busy I went over to the high school.

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The Principal was great he found a PE class who were keen to chat for a mo.

The Grade 8 kids came over and we chatted. I really enjoy talking with the older kids , Its different from the little ones and I really enjoy hearing what everyone is starting to dream of and how you can put different thoughts and ways of doing things into lots of different ideas and making things easier to do or try .

The PE teacher Ken hooked me up with lunch before I left , thankyou so much, He is running a marathon on the weekend and we chatted about it.

I Past a town called Zealandia today, almost New Zealand aye.

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I then headed out and of towards Rosetown. A couple of little stops to rest and eat and I made it to Rosetown around 7pm, Got some food and found a camp spot at the rear of the gas station beside some trucks.

Another super awesome day, Ive been asking the teachers to write me a reference after I chat to the kids so I can show it to other schools and hopefully they will trust me a little more when I walk in off the road asking to talk to their kids. Its really hard to get into Schools nowdays but Im going to keep trying everyday until I run out of road to ride down. I just love it so much.

Everyone has been great and helping with this and it is making it a lot more easy. Thankyou to all the principals and teachers for this help .

Happy days and Smile all round. Nite

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