Day 54 – Aug 24th Made it to Marathon in the rain, Met Winnie the Poo

A nice warm start to the day and I felt great. Im really enjoying the ride the last few days, twisting and turning roads, hills and lakes everywhere.

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I rode into a town called White River and as I did I saw this sign – Home of Winnie the poo. I thought really and had to see what the go was. I went to the museum to check it out but it was closed . SO I never got to find out but I take it he was thought of here. Great to know I thought.

Day 26

I met a Polish man today who has been on the road for 7 months now, Juda started in Victoria in January, yes in the middle of winter and walked through the Rockies in Winter. He is pushing a buggy with his life in it and going all the way to New Foundland. At almost half way across and moving well I chatted for a bit but as the day was running out and we both had miles to get done I said good bye and wished him well.

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Then It started to rain and keep raining pretty hard for a few hours and I was getting cold. I rode into Marathon town and went straight to the first hotel I could find. A huge thankyou to Hewy and Kelly hewson back in Aussie for helping me out and shouting me a hotel room, Perfect timing and saved me from freezing all night.

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You should have seen it, I had the tent set up and heaters blasting, everything in the washing machine and me in the shower. Great to dry and clean everything.

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I got 95 miles done today.

2 thoughts on “Day 54 – Aug 24th Made it to Marathon in the rain, Met Winnie the Poo

  1. Jup—read this blog and can elaborate on White River & Winnie the Pooh. Here’s the story (real). During World War I a group of soldiers from Winnipeg found a bear cup in White River, Ontario. They took him in (as mascot I guess). Anyway they took him on their transport boat to England but once over there the bear was discovered by a superior. So they donated him to the London Zoo. The London zoo made a sign showing his name: Winnie (short for Winnipeg). A.A. Milne’s son saw the bear at the zoo and called his teddy bear Winnie as well. Then his father (A.A. Milne) wrote the story based on his sons toys. So indirectly White River really is the home of Winnie the Pooh. I was curious a few years back and a store owner there told me the story and I just checked it online and the story is legit. Rock on! J.P.

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