Day 51 Made it to Thesesalon

Todays goal was around 90 miles and I was feeling good as I woke at 5.30am again to get going early. No wind early on but then about 3 hours in it decided to hit me. I don’t mind the wind but man does it slow me down a lot and I have to work so much harder to move forward.

Day 236 Day 237 Day 238 Day 239

I past a few little towns and went from lake side to inland which was nice to the the scenery changing a lot. Theres a huge Indian influence around here and I love it, Village names, lots of craft shops selling goods made by the locals.

I made a couple of stops to check out different things, not that I would buy anything but I like to see how things are made I always sneak a photo so I can look back later and maybe make it myself as I love to make things out of what ever is around.

Day 242 Day 243 Day 244 Day 245 Day 246 Day 247 Day 248

It was sunny as and I was getting burnt a little until I put my trusty Aloe Up cream on, It has saved me this whole year. I can truly say that it is great cream, works so well with my light skin so gotta be good aye.

Day 250 Day 261 Day 258 Day 262 Day 267

I was pretty tried by around 4 and was in two minds weather to continue on or pull up a little early, I had made it to Thesesalon which I saw had a camp ground and I was really in need of a shower so I turned into town off highway 17 and had a look.

No one at reception so I just went and found a tent spot. I picked this one, oh yes I got front row and it was magic.

The sun setting right in front of me , only a few people around and no insects to bite me. I sat out at the table and sorted my photos while taking more of the sun going down.

Day 2112 Day 2104 Day 2103 Day 299

I had my shower and washed my clothes and got them out drying in pretty good time. No sign of rain so I was leaving them out to dry in the sea breeze. You could hear the waves in the wind.

Day 2126 Day 2122 Day 2120 Day 2117

As I sat there I got a visit from Lilly MColeman who had seen me ride into town, She came over for a chat which was nice as she lived about 300m away. She offered me a place to pitch my tent for free but I was all set up and was to chilled to move. So awesome hearing her stories and I thankyou for saying hi Lilly.

Day 2127

A good day out, 86 miles or 140kms done which is ok. I watched a little video and it was time to sleep again.

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