July 14th Crossed into Nova Soctia

A funny day to be honest with awesomeness, cruise mode, bloody long hills that almost won and really hot.

I started well after my 2 minute noodle breakfast and coffee which kept me going for a few hours. I was going to be on Hwy 2/104 all day long which was nice but just meant I had to be watching the speedy traffic as well. The big trucks are pretty good but sometimes with no shoulder they are getting close aye, shit myself a couple of times.

Day 242 Day 241 Day 238 Day 249

I had a few things to email and get sorted so stopped a couple of times for that, I also finally got help to get my phone up and going, stoked!!!   Jason at mobile world in Amherst sorted me out , cant thank him enough for doing what isn’t his job really. Thanks bro.

My number is 416-821-5362, yes of course your welcome to text and call me, hope we can meet up somewhere. Ill have a map up soon of the route Ill take. I have decided on one now,

As the day went on I also sorted out when I will get the ferry across to New Found land, Friday at 5.30pm, there are only 3 a week and it works out perfectly for me to be there and get there no worries on Friday. Stoked. Don’t want to lose any days waiting for ferry.





Day 243 Day 245 Day 266 Day 269 Day 271

I crossed into Nova Soctia today at last and stopped for a couple of selfies, Had to aye. Pretty stoked to be here.









Im setting a goal of at least 80 miles / 130kms a day, being out there all day that is pretty easy and with breaks too, good ones too. I will try to get it to about 100 miles a day soon but in the mean time. Body is feeling better everyday.

Day 270 Day 273

I got a call from my bro Hewy today who is in Australia, Kiwi mate from home, bloody legend too, Great to catch up and it was perfect timing too as I was on the hills and looking for a break. Thanks so much hewy, say hi to everyone in aussie.

Day 266

The last hill went on for ever, not to steep but long aye, I later found out it was some pass that I didn’t see on the map so understandable aye. Should have checked more. Im still learning bro.

I made the top and there is a toll booth here so I pulled up right on the top of the hill and set up camp, magic little spot. All set for down hill ( I hope) in the morning and Im looking to get 100 mile sin tomorrow, makes for 2 easier days to the ferry then, want to get there early so I can get these blogs up and catch up on some mails.

Day 284 Day 276 Day 277 Day 279

So all in all a good day in the saddle ( that’s bikers terms aye) and now time to stop eating my cucumber& chips tortillas and peanuts and get some sleep. Oh yeah I found a sweet new drink today.   Fizzy, no calories,no sugar yet sweet like fruit. Im hooked aye and cheap too. No more coke well not much more coke for this fella.

Day 287 Day 286 Day 285

Cool nite all. Love yas. Thanks for the emails, messages from my photos, we are only just beginning .

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