Day 110, So Much love coming in I was blown away, Love you all

Out the door at 5.30 and before the hotel breakie so had to stop by Dunkin Donuts, My body is getting sick of all the rubbish I have been putting in it but is still happy to get something. Sun came up and it warmed up really quick , it was going to be a hot one.

Day 22 Day 21

Lots of towns along route one today and some nice views, I didnt get any photos today because my phone was going crazy with texts and messages coming in from around the world. I was blown away and it made me so happy . I have so many amazing friends and their support is always something that helps me do these runs. A couple of special ones are Talon Clemow in Australia and John Sharp who both have done so much for me on this run. They both put a post up this morning and man were their friends who I didnt know were following us were sending in messages all day. It gives you so much power when this happens and to know they are all there  when you are alone on the road is something I think of a lot. Thankyou all so so much for your support. xx Love you all !!

Day 23 Day 24 Day 26

As I wandered down the road Kristen came up from behind and stopped her run and said hi, So awesome to meet you and thanks for stopping,You made my day.  Hope I can get back to see you and your friends after the run. Kristen is a really amazing runner and has a goal of getting to the 2020 olympic trail marathon. She writes a cool blog too , Check it out HERE 

Day 25

I did 43 miles today and it took me 15 hrs but I knew it would so the day went good. Running along sir the ocean most of the way. Some really old towns too, This place Milford was started back in 1643, NZ wasn’t even found yet. Just the Maori boys there keeping the secret.

Day 27 Day 28 Day 29

The day ended in New Haven which is home to Yale University and it was a cool city, Lots of bars and students getting around, So wanted to get a beer but still had a few miles to do and it was getting dark.

Day 213 Day 210

Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who mailed me today you gave me so much power and I really needed it . You are to awesome, I will be going to sleep with a huge smile on. Thankyou.

One thought on “Day 110, So Much love coming in I was blown away, Love you all

  1. YuP brown get on down and around town!!

    Mate I was doing the maths yesterday about your run and I was like holy shit! That is a friggin’ amazing effort. Then I realised what miles is to kilometers and nearly died! Your off your head but it’s nothing I didn’t know already!
    Your doing an awesome job mate. Thinking of you in the pilbara bro!


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