Day 102. Made it to DC but what a huge day.

I left this look for the night and heading to DC was all I needed to keep me going. It was dark as and I was moving slow as could be. I was struggling to stay awake and more importantly move but with no where in sight i had to try. Then I spotted a piece of Plastic and it was right beside a little forrest so I walked in and lie the plastic sheet as my blanket under me and slept for 40 mins. I woke feeling refreshed but freezing cold and shaking so even wanting more I knew I had to get moving. Off I went.

Day 221 Day 220

Somehow I made it through the night found a garage to get some food and a hot drink. Not sure why I couldn’t do that night better, I have done other races through the nights and partied for days on end but couldn’t get last night, oh well I got some miles in that I wouldn’t have to do during the day and was hoping to for a early finish.

Day 21 Day 22

Day 23 Day 27

Sun came up and i moved into the city, finding a few things along the way .

Day 25 Day 26

The day just went for ever and ever and the miles just wouldn’t disappear which was sad for me having a bed tonight at a real home I was hoping to get in it early. I had left Macas last night at 1am and I made it to home at 8pm. Way to long after a long one yesterday but I had made it and was only 3.8 miles from the White House, YAHOO!

Day 28 Day 29 Day 210 Day 211

One of our researchers Caitlin had organised for me to stay with her mum and Peggy came to meet me and had this amazing Salmon pasta ready for me, I was happy as and with a kiwi table cloth I felt right at home. Can’t thank you here enough , she did my washing for me too while I soaked my feet in a ice bath. They were swollen as hell and I had to be ready to go tomorrow for the exciting day of seeing the White house and areas.

Day 212 Day 213

Day 214 Day 215

I did 49 miles today too and had this amazing view out my window to go to sleep with. So excited for tomorrow to come as it’s goal #1 making the White House.  Gotta sleep NOW.

2 thoughts on “Day 102. Made it to DC but what a huge day.

  1. Aw, this makes me miss my mom… I can’t believe how far you’ve come and how close you are – keep on rockin Jup, see you soon!

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