day 97 Awesome people, feet not good, Day 98 had to rest today in Natural Bridge

Sun was out and I was off heading for Natural Bridge. I was still in a bit of pain so needed some more pills and dropped into the Star Mart and Met Vijay. He was super stoked on mine and Pats run and hooked me up with a few bars for the trip. Thanks so much bro.

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As I was going up the road and saw a couple of trekkers walk across the road, I knew the Appalachian Trail was close but it was right there. Gotta come back and do it one day.

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There was a so sweet views on the road today and I found this pumpkin head. Haven’t found to much lately maybe Pat has found it all.

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My feet were killing me by the early afternoon and I wasn’t getting far quick, then I saw this one car heading for me and Just as I was about to jump out of the way he moved. Then about 20 minutes later a guy pulled up and waved me over. I laughed as John told me he was the one who almost hit me before and he was sorry and hadn’t seen me. Must have been out of view from the sun. He then offered me a ride and to stay at his house but  I wasn’t going to be close and also gotta run of course had to say no. He then offered to get me some dinner at the shop across the road so I took him up on that. Thankyou so much John, Have a great canoe trip when you go.

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The day light disappeared and I had my lights on again trying to get this day done as soon as possible so I could rest these feet. This I think the most testing time I have been through and it is good and bad, getting to learn more about myself and work for this is kinda good even if it is killing me. Learning all the time aye. just over 2 weeks from the end and I was thinking this would be the easy end of the run but this time its the opposite but nothing is going to stop me getting there just have to work harder to get there.

Day 225 IMG_20150422_203804835

Day 98, Day off . After I my shoes off last night I knew I had to take a day off, not what I want right now but with them really swollen and blisters appearing more and more I had too. Funny how walking is harder on my feet than running. must have a strand way of walking or maybe it is just the long hours I have been doing and from the other day after getting them really wet from a storm and walking on for hours. I only did this because I have never had any problems before so thought I would be fine. Oh well just keep telling them to get better and look after them. I spent the day in cold baths an with them elevated and rested. I want to get back out there tomorrow so praying they will come right. They will!

IMG_20150423_114725435_HDR IMG_20150423_114708986

One thought on “day 97 Awesome people, feet not good, Day 98 had to rest today in Natural Bridge

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