Day 95/96 Big miles, not much sleep and rainbows

I had been thinking about Pat and his finish a few times along the ways and yesterday after I had checked the milage to the finish thought that just maybe I could make it to Boston to run the last day and finish with PAT. It would be so awesome to jump into the ocean with him after this crazy adventure.

I woke to the sunshine and was on my way to find a UPS store to send my gear on and get down to one bag that I would carry on my back. What i thought would be a bit easier. Not when your a treibble packer like I am.

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I found one at mile 25 and I tried to get rid of as much as possible. I got my bro Craig in Coos Bay to help me find someone in NY and his mate Chris said I could send to his house, bloody legend both these guys. thank you so so much. I headed off with my new gear bag and well I thought it was a bit heavy but went nah it’ll be ok, well not at all ok I was struggling BIG time a few hours later. Idoit I am.

I found this sign and had a laugh to myself. This would isn’t scary at all, you just have to open your minds up a bit, I see so many church signs that are funny. Good to see everyone else’s thoughts on life and compare them to mine. No one is right just be happy at the start and end of the day is all that matters.

Day 235

In the last 2 days I have been through a lot of little towns, Lots and lots of history out this way.

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I found a Kangaroo Gs station and thought of all my aussie mates. Miss you all. Also found what is said to be the 2nd oldest river in the world. Its called NEW RIVER. not sure how you would know that but if they say it is then I got to see it, happy days.

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Day 218

Yesterday was a stormy afternoon and at this stage I was like oh nice clouds but 30 mis later I was diving for cover. It really pissed down and I got wet to the bone. Which want going to help me as I was going to run all night to help get some miles done. Yesterday I got to 2am and 56 miles and was shot dead, so tired and just had to stop, Today I was the same but had the goal of a hotel in Salem near Roanoke and I did 49 miles. So so tired as I are only walking and must be going slow as Ive been on the road for 17 and 18 hours in the last two days. only 4 hrs sleep last night but the good thing is I made it here.

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I Learnt big lesson last night after the rain, I have never had any troubles with Blisters even when my feet get wet, well last night and today I got some bad ones and it took me down, I was in so much pain and couldn’t walk at all really. I was poping them but they were just slowing me down a lot. I almost stopped and got a room but then I thought of pain killers, I dont normally take medicine but had to try , it worked. i took double the dosage and it took enough of the pain that I could get going again. It didnt last long so I popped more haha maybe to much but I had a long ways to go so needed help.

I used my music a lot to help keep me on pace and happy and I finally made it to Salem Hotel at 1am, to find that I had booked the wrong day, the guy changed it for me so I could get some sleep. Over the next couple of weeks I might be a little slow on getting these out and well might be a lot of mistakes as Im going to push it out and see if I can make it to boston in time.

Better sleep now. thanks for your support and hope this is written ok and not sound bad. NITE

One thought on “Day 95/96 Big miles, not much sleep and rainbows

  1. Hey Jup, Good to see you’ve still got your beard and hair lol I was recently in hospital and they shaved one side of my head, so I had to have the other side shaved to even things up, after 20+ yrs of long hair. Not happy. They were going to take my beard off too, but luckily it was still there after my op. Can’t wait for the hair to grow back. Love dropping by to see your progress. Keep going mate.

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