Day 86, Wise words from a great mate, good day on the road.

I woke to this amazing fog over the lake  and I was a little worried that the cars wouldn’t be abe to see me but it was sweet, see for bloody miles mate. Being saturday there wasn’t much traffic either.

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I got a mail from my mate Richard and he said a every simple thing to me ” Enjoy it every second as one day it will all just be a memory” . It really got me and I had a few tears form in the eyes.So true too in only maybe 40-50 days this will all be over and Ill be sad so gotta enjoy it now.  Bought me out of any blue feelings that had been hanging around the last few days and I banged on the tunes and danced my way up the road with a huge smile on. Cant thank Rich enough for that.

I past through a few small towns today and he first was Sparta which had a big hill after it to get up, it wasn’t steep at all just long but I cruised up it ok. nice view spot at the top too.

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Then just a few rolling hills but a nice shoulder to go down all day today. A few shots from today.

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Same as always the dogs were around and wanting a piece of me but this young dog didnt he just wanted to come and play, he almost got hit twice as he kept running out on the road. But a nice dog.

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Saw this house and you can see they love their country with the curtains made out of flags and eagles. Awesome .

Day 29

I got to meet Mikki and her family , man she has better guns than I do but is so small. They bought me a few things that Shacky, vanessa and Pat had left for me and this AWESOMELY signed poster from Orange School in California was in it. I love these things from the kids, both sides were signed. Im going to show it to other schools when I try and go to them and see if they’ll make us some more. Thanks everyone.

Today’s camp spot is right at a river and bridge which is under construction but being the weekend I thought it was a perfect spot for me. I got 36 miles in today which was good after a shorter day yesterday. Happy for a good day which went by fast. Better get some sleep Im going exploring tomorrow and hope to find something really cool. nite all.

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