Day 85, More flat tires in the buggy, Rain and sunshine

Huge thank you to Bob and Sharon McComb at the Water town B&B which I found out was closed but as I sat on the veranda thinking what to do next Bob came out and said come in. Beautiful old house and super nice couple. Thankyou so much.

As I started it was raining lightly but then came down hard, But only lasted around 3 hours before the sun poped out.

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Again the shoulder was there and then gone as I struggled to not be in the way of the morning rush and general traffic. Having to go into the side a lot is testing the buggy, I have had another 2 flat tires in the last 2 days. Not fun fixing them all the time and slows me down a lot. I was ready to push the buggy over the bank today and run with a small bag on. So I got a place to stay and went through all my stuff and it just wasn’t going to work haha I knew it wouldn’t but had to try. I Love these testing times I find myself in sometimes, learning all the time.

There was some nice views today.

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As I was losing it a bit I found the Center Hill Motel and stopped in to stay the night, The ladies looked after me and I can’t say thank you enough. Over looking a lake ,this is the view from my room. I did just under 33 miles today so a good day out considering. Looking forward to moving forward again tomorrow and smiling all day long. Thanks for the messages today everyone.

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