Day 76 – Out of Memphis to Sommerville. Crazy lighting rain storm

I had a wicked time in Memphis and it was great to visit and learn so much in 2 days but it is time to move forward toward Nashville the next big point on this amazing journey. It was a long way out the east side of Memphis and the road changed so much , so really nice parts of town and some not so nice.

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Got to meet some awesome people this morning which I loved. The first 2 guys just couldn’t believe what me and Pat are doing and kept asking where I had got rides from along the way , haha. The second photo is of Starsky, awesome guy . He had been going through a lot of shit and has just sorted himself out and was in a great happy place which was awesome to see. Keep that mind set bro and please keep in touch.

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The route we are taking is the old stagecoach trail that they use to take back in the old days so could b a lot to see I hope. Today wasn’t much but the road was great and a big shoulder after getting out of the city and lots of rolling hills to go up and down. I did 40 miles today but walked a lot which was nice, Legs are feeling really good and Im sweet just walking and running a bit each day. No hurry aye and still getting good miles done just a bit slower.

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I found these today, A body board and beach ball. Not sure whats going on but might have to send them forward to Boston for Pat to play on while I keep running to get there.

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Mid afternoon I started to feel a change in weather and behind me was a storm coming.  I knew it was going to be good when the locals started to stop and ask me if I needed a ride.

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Then I ran out of time and it hit hard. The lighting was crazy and I couldn’t find anywhere to hide then just as the rain started coming down really hard a lady stopped and pointed at a church that I just pasted. She told me to go in and wait it out. I knocked on the door and some friendly smiles let me in. Life savers as it was pissing down. I got to meet heaps of people and chat about our trip until the rain finally stopped. it was around 6.30pm then but I still didnt have place to stay. Huge thank you to everyone at the Victory Life Assembly for helping me out and letting me refuel my water. Happy Easter!!

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Magic sunset in the direction of where the storm had come from an I ran towards it as it moved on. Lighting flickering in the sky ahead of me.

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Then I spotted a little track and followed it down and it was home. Quickly got the tent up and a coffee made before the sun disappeared. Another fun day with lots happening . Need a good sleep and get my butt back out there tomorrow. Nite all.

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One thought on “Day 76 – Out of Memphis to Sommerville. Crazy lighting rain storm

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    Our Arkansas video is up! Check it out:

    Direct YouTube link

    For the month of April, for every $20 donation to The 100 Mile Club we will be mailing you a postcard from the Team with at least one grammatical or spelling error guarantead. For every $50 donation we will mail you an autographed copy of The Summit Seeker plus a trinket that Pat Sweeney has found on the side of the road that is not fecal.

    Donate online at: Remember to message us your mailing address if you donate!

    It was another smashing day yesterday with 50+ miles covered. We finished near Decateurville, Tennessee. We are very much enjoying this hilly route. Pat loves the change of muscles and he’s feeling great. Thanks to Laz for routing us through here.

    I had a good day of pushups and situps. Yes, I am still doing Jup’s original challenge of one pushup for each Transcon day. I often forget what day we’re on, so I round to the nearest five. Today I did 80 pushups and 80 situps. I am also trying to catch up on situps since I didn’t realize until day 50 that I was supposed to be doing them (I’m on Day 65). My abs will thank Jup someday… but not today.

    Ginger and I got in a good 5K run today. That’s the most she has been able to run with us since we started crewing. I decided I’m going to start paying a lot more attention to her, even if I have to run with her on a leash on the side of the road. (We needed to lie down for a few minutes at the 4K mark, but that’s ok cause it was a hot day and some of us don’t have sweat glands.) No bike riding for me today since there was no shoulder and a lot of blind hills—I didn’t feel safe on the bike.

    We ended our long day by pulling over at a bp gas station. They had a large back lot where we were out of the way. No thanks to bp for kicking us out and threatening to call the cops on us even when we had explained our situation. BOO bp, you suck. We ended up having to drive in the rain and in the dark to find another spot.

    For the most part people have been friendly, but definitely cautious of our presence. At nearly every aid station we have someone approach us and ask what we’re doing there. We usually explain ourselves and it’s cool. This is the first spot where we’ve been forced to leave. From now on we’re going to start finishing an hour before sunset to make sure we have a safe place to park for the night. This could mean earlier starts if we want to cover the same mileage.

    Today we’ll take a shorter day since we have a mail drop on the 7th and our current mileage puts us way ahead of it. I’m getting my book proof delivered on the 7th—the final approval I need to give before selling hard copies of Daughters of Distance. We’ll use the time to catch up on some wifi chores for Pat (audio books, anyone?) and hit up a post office.

    It’s looking like we’ll take a rest day in Nashville to meet up with some of Pat’s old school friends. Any recommendations for must-sees in Nashville?

    Thanks as always for reading and following! Shout out to our better half, our buddy Jup! His updates below.

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