Day 75 , Memphis day off- Sun Studios & Graceland tours

Great sleep after a couple of beers with Vincent. He had to drive all the way to San Antonio in Texas so we got a quick breakfast and he had to leave. Can’t say thank you enough to him and Trail Toes for everything you have and continue to do for me. Thankyou so much. Hope you got home ok.

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Then I went down to Sun Studio, The place where it all begun. I had no real idea about lots of history to some of our most famous music and over this last week I have learnt so much and really enjoyed finding out who did what where. SO much was done here when none else would. The tour I went on was awesome.

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I took so many photos today inside but here are a few.

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Those were upstairs and then we headed down to the studio where even Elvis among so many of the greats played their first songs.

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This Mic was the one that Elvis, Jerry Lewis and others used while playing here, I got to touch it and feel their power hehe.

Day 230

Then I headed to Graceland, Yep Elvis’s house. I met Chasity straight away and she was got me cut in front of a huge line to get this photo. Love your work baby awesome to meet you, Thanks so much.

My taxi driver John gave me a little tour on the way there and stopped in front of Elvis’s house where everyone signs the wall that surrounds the house. Had to drop a quick note down 4 the kids.

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The house was awesome and I loved the old styles that he loved. Ill let the photos do the talking.

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Elvis is also buried there along side his mum.

His cars  and planes were pretty cool too.



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it was great to just wonder around and be a tourist and then I just chilled out and checked the map for the next 2 weeks running. 7 days to Nashville I reckon and Im heading up the 64 which turns into the 100. Looking forward to getting there too.

Big shout out to Pat who smashed out a huge day today and did 50 miles, To awesome bro, run free bro!I’ll be cruising a little bit back here.

2 thoughts on “Day 75 , Memphis day off- Sun Studios & Graceland tours

  1. Reblogged this on Vanessa Runs and commented:
    On the road again! We said goodbye to Graceland Tuesday morning and Pat hit the road running. He was feeling great after his rest day and the sun was out. I wondered whether he would want to cover more mileage, and my suspicions were right. We closed the day off at 50+ miles. It was a lovely stretch but a long crewing experience and a little rough on the animals, especially since Ginger had the runs from eating rib bones.

    Tim and his daughters joined us for a few miles and it was lovely to have some fresh faces. The girls were awesome and they got some touring in at the Pink Palace as well. Tim ran 3 miles and the girls got a taste too, running for about 2 miles. Many thanks to Tim for his awesome hospitality and putting us up for a couple of nights. He also bought us dinner and avocados and tortillas, which we can never have too much of.

    In the evening we did a podcast interview with Scott Kummer. It’s a new podcast he’s starting up—stay tuned for the link!

    We had some rain last night but the skies look clear this morning and we’ve got many miles go to. The route we’re taking today was recommended by Lazarus (RD for Barkley’s). It’s an old Stagecoach route and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Not a huge shoulder but pretty hilly (a good thing!) and way more scenic than what we’ve been on.

    Jup is enjoying the day in Memphis. Check out his update below.


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