Day 67- Sunshine, beautiful farms,lots of thinking and camping.

Check out the sun beaming down on us this morning, Pat’s top came straight off. Great to have it back.We passed through lots of small towns today and the rest of the time was passing farms and water.

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Shacky was on the camera again and got these sweet shots. A lot of wildlife out this way.

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More rolling hills and straight roads but today we could see past the trees and there was heaps more farming or growing of Corn, Wheat and other veges. We got our 32 miles done in normal time even though I went slower.

I was thinking lots today about many different things and ran alone listening to music, then listening to the nothingness of the beauty around me on the road. You might think you would get sick of thinking with so much time everyday but most of the time I’m not thinking at all and just looking at things.  Lots of feelings going through my head at the mo and just need to sort them out and do what makes me feel right. This has happened on my other runs too so nothing to worry about. I walked a lot today too which was nice and I enjoyed not running as much. Gets the job done but rests the body.

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With the sun out again and finishing in the middle of nowhere we found a camp spot on the side of the road and set up. Has been ages since we got the tents out and sat around and it was great. Boys telling stories over a beer or two. A couple of locals stopping by to ask if we were ok which was great, I love listening to them talk makes me smile.

We finally got a group photo of us 4 which you would think we would have one but we didn’t. A great crew of people cruising up the road for the kids. Thanks everyone.

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One thought on “Day 67- Sunshine, beautiful farms,lots of thinking and camping.

  1. Reblogged this on Vanessa Runs and commented:
    Big changes this morning to the Team. We were sad to say goodbye to our Juppy as he went back to Dallas to retrieve his buggy and will pick up on his own from here on out. We left on wonderful terms and are still very much a Team, but he needed to listen to his body and slow down his speed and daily mileage. Pat’s “easy” pace is slightly faster and Pat’s body is happier in the 35-40 mile daily range.

    There are no rules in a Transcon and I’m a firm believer of making your journey your own and doing it exactly the way that feels right to you. Both the guys are doing that now and although we will miss Jup very much, we are going to continue with Pat on the route we established, just moving a little quicker. Jup will be primarily self-supported with is buggy.

    You can still follow them both on the Run With Us America pages and we are in touch every day. I’ll be re-doing the schedule for Pat and Jup will be posting his own progress.

    Yesterday Pat covered 42 miles on his own and we finished in Boyle, MS. The wonderful staff at Boyle Town Hall put us in touch with the Sherriff and he put Pat up in the local tornado storm shelter (just off it’s intended foundation since the crane got stuck in the mud).

    I told Pat he could sleep there on the condition that if there was a tornado overnight, he would have the sole responsibility of repopulating the entire town of Boyle. He was welcome to the use of my kitty’s eggs (she would surely survive) to form a new race: The Pitty’s. They would be super hairy. He agreed.

    This morning we had coffee with the Sherriff and his buddies and we’re heading to Clarksdale tonight. On the way we’ll stop at Po’ Monkey’s on the Mississippi Blues Trail. Shacky is geeking out on all the history here.

    Po’ Monkey’s is an old black dude’s shack of a house in the middle of nowhere with tons of history, beer and live music. The people here have been beyond kind. We are constantly approached and offered home-cooked meals. My kind of place.

    A few days ago we were warned about this area. We were told it was full of riffraffs and trouble. Apparently we fit right in with the riffraff community because they have embraced us as one of their own. It’s a no-handshake-just-hugs type of place and everyone speaks in what is best described as happy-yelling. Huge black community, all of them expressive and curious and warm. Everyone sits outside on their porches and asks us how far we’ve traveled. I’ve gotten nothing but good vibes.

    I saw a sign yesterday that said NO LOUD MUSIC. I think I like places where they have to make special rules for that.


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