Day 65-Day off, Day 66 – Crossett

Day off-   We woke to rain but all I wanted to do today was chill and lie around, I have been a bit sore in a few different spots and just wanted to relax today. The Wall family who we are staying with love to hunt and they showed me how to use a Bow and Arrow. I made a little mistake and gripped to hard and the string hit my forearm twice, shit it was sore and instantly bruised which I thought was bloody funny although sore but poor dad was so sorry for it happening. Not his fault at all aye. Oh yeah i did hit the target more than I missed.

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We went over to Nana Wall’s for dinner each night and all sat around the he table they have, The hand prints from a group of kids who cycled across the US and had stayed here before. Then Shacky, Vanessa and the family went out to The Music of ABBA Night and the girls got all dressed up, But I dont think they liked ABBA at all, haha.

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Day 66- Time to run again, we had to leave and get back out there heading east but first we want to say a huge thank you to the Wall family for taking us in to their home and taking care of us, It was awesome to meet you all and hang out. Thankyou so much.

It was only a foggy mist really all day and was pretty nice day for running. Lots of farm land and rolling hills. I wasn’t felling the best again but wasn’t running to slow so the day went pretty well.

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We past through a few smaller towns and everyone we waved to were super friendly with toots and waved back which was awesome.

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Lots of Water out here and we crossed heaps of bridges over Bayou’s.

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We were running through this Wildlife refuge that covers 66,000 arches , Lots of hunting and fishing goes on here. They love guns, bows and anything that kills here.

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We did 32 miles again today in just over 7 hrs, felt slow all day but almost a hour faster than normal, crazy. Shacky and Vanessa awesome again thank you so much. We are almost finished Arkansas already with only 1.5 days left before we hit Mississippi. Not sure if I will be able to swim over it yet with all this rain , rivers are super high. I need Rob with his blow up mattress. Miss you bro.


3 thoughts on “Day 65-Day off, Day 66 – Crossett

  1. Reblogged this on Vanessa Runs and commented:
    I can’t believe we’re almost done with another state! I spent last night doing a massive restructuring of the website:

    It had been a bit of an eyesore and none of us were entirely happy with it. It’s MUCH better now, and more good stuff coming. I will soon be posting maps and routes and tracking. For now, we have the donation and sponsor pages along with photos and video.

    I’ve been swamped with book work for the past several months, but I just gave the final approvals yesterday for the final formatting. My baby is going to be 342 pages–woohoo! And I should be much more available for biking and running.

    Even though I’m not a fan of the rain, it warms my heart to see the rivers swelling and flowing so strongly after seeing the effects of drought on the west coast for so long. I’m coming for you, Mississippi River!

    We are currently looking for lodging in:

    25-Mar Cleveland, MS
    26-Mar Clarksdale, MS
    27-Mar Helena-West Helena, AR
    28-Mar Walls, MS

    29-Mar Memphis, TN
    30-Mar Memphis, TN
    31-Mar Memphis, TN

    Can you join us?

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