Day 64- El Dorado Arkansas, Southern Hospitality

We woke to the rain but as we got to the start it had almost stopped and then stopped for the rest of the day. The roads were nice and a good shoulder with lots of lakes along the roadside. It was rolling hills all day but nothing to hard and it was a good change than just flat roads.

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We were excited today when a car pulled over to say hi, Out jumped Sherita Shephard with a huge smile on going ” What y’all doing out here I have seen you over the last week running up the road”. It really did make my day, We have had a lot of people waving and tooting but not many stopping which I had a lot of in New Zealand so this really made me happy. Thanks so much for your donation for the 100 Mile Club and great energy for me and Pat.

Day 24

Found this mail box today which is pretty cool but then saw the name “The Browns” . Even though we are only in Arkansas for 6 days Pat has found lots of number plates already, I think it was 4 from today.

Day 25 Day 28 Day 26 Day 29

Pat’s find for the day.

Day 23

We finished the 32 miles in our normal time and then headed to our home stay for the next 2 nights. Steven & Crystal Wall, their awesome kids and family have invited us to stay for the weekend. Super nice family and looking after us so well. Can’t thank them enough. True Southern Arkansas hospitality.

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This is our course that we are on right now heading to Memphis, We are in El Dorado right now on our day off. 8 days from now we will be in Memphis, I can’t wait. We are at 1757 Miles = 2827kms which is almost the distance I run when I run NZ where I did 2937kms. Exciting.

2 thoughts on “Day 64- El Dorado Arkansas, Southern Hospitality

  1. Jup – you are amazing and I am loving following your run across the US. A long way from Wanaka! I live in central Pennsylvania so will keep an eye on your route as you get closer and try to come run some miles with you!

    • Hi Pip, wow i didnt know you were over here. Really hope to catch up with you when we get that way, will be end of april I reckon. send me a text on 210-381-2041. Thanks so much for getting in touch. Get a big crew to come run with u and us. that would be great. Hi to everyone there.

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