Day 63- Magnolia Arkansas. More rain but More Friends Yahoo

We are feeling the love big time with everyone who is helping us, supporting us and coming to join us on the road. Today we had David Valenzuela with us for the whole 32 miles we did. David is a Dirtbag runner who is from North Carolina, he stopped in on his way to CA. So awesome to share the rain with him haha.

We had a day of rain, no rain rain but still warm all day which was good, We found some cool animals today with this farm having Buffalo and Zebras in the same Paddock, don’t get that in NZ.

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The boys all wrapped up as the rain came down. Pat finding things as always.

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The road was pretty nice and heaps of shoulder to run on , We even went past Lake Columbia where we had a aid stop.

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A few boys out on the lake fishing and our crew also enjoying a break in the rain to get out and play. The boys tested some of the beers that Jeff had bought them yesterday, Cheers bro.

We also go to meet John who was off for a fish, really great to meet you bro. Hope you caught some fish, send us a photo.

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I got to see a lake/pond which they call a Bayou, thought that was just on TV. Dont think I said it right .

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Then we past through Magnolia where we are staying, some cool paintings on the walls down town showing the history of the area. I had to stop in Maca’s today to full my guts with heaps of food, damn hungry work this running and sometimes I just have to full it with rubbish. Got a photo of the boys passing me though the window past the Hamburgar man



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Then it was just 10 miles to the finish , we had a slow first half but somehow pulled it back in the second half. It was a great day out and we are now at 1725 miles, its adding up real fast which is great. Not much else happened and we have one more day tomorrow then a day off . Happy about that. Thanks to everyone who has helped this week, we love you.

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One thought on “Day 63- Magnolia Arkansas. More rain but More Friends Yahoo

  1. Reblogged this on Vanessa Runs and commented:

    More wet stuff today and I’ve been working on the Texas video. We also did the gas tally since we’re almost at the halfway point and so far we have spent $700 on the RV since leaving Huntingon Beach, CA. The rental plus gas for our second vehicle cost $800 (we got rid of it at the NM/TX border).

    Food and lodging are other expenses, but we have received many donations. We have spent about $500 out of pocket on food and lodging.

    That’s about it in crew-land! We’re doing our best to get the dog out in this rain–she’s not a fan.

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