Day 61- Texakana end of Texas, Thankyou so much

Sun up and beautiful views from early on, We were excited as today was the last day of Texas and also the sun was out. It was hot as well, got up to 85 today which I think is around 20-25 in NZ, but the humidity was up too, we had missed the sun but it got us today.

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Some more magic shots from today. We did 32.7 miles today in around 8 hrs. just cruised along.


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St Patricks day and we had our green on, Pat was singing me Irish songs all day. But sadly no kisses from lovely ladies.

st patties day

We found this run down water slide today and had to go check it out, Looks like it would have been fun.

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Our beautiful crew getting shots while we were running, an amazing couple!!!  Yes that is Vanessa still ding my pouch up challenge that even Im not doing any more, she is to awesome. Not to late for me to get back into it is it. Maybe haha

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A few shots from today on the road.

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Coming into Texarkana took a while today but as the signs counted down we knew that Texas was almost done. Then the sign we had been waiting on arrived. Welcome to Arkansas.

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In the centre on town right on top of the state line is this Post office, We stopped by for a few photos, half the building in on each side of the state line, pretty cool. Yep its official we are in Arkansas now. Yahoo

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post office texakana state line

Yes we did and well we had to compare Hooters to Twin peaks,haha , Straight after we finished today it was time to celebrate our run through Texas, Cold beer and food. Oh yeah and beautiful ladies.

Day 288 hooters girls

Huge thank you to Caleb and Josh Pittman for sorting us out with a house to stay in, Really awesome place,  Check them out when you are in Texarkana and looking for places to stay, they’ll sort your company or family out – find them on Facebook  “Stayhaven Corporate Housing”.  Was great to have a beer and get to meet you both. Thankyou!

Day 21 2

Texas stats- 20 days here, 18 running days , 2 days off and 579 miles covered. Below is the map of the route we took.  So stoked to be done and moving on to the next state Arkansas.

Huge thank you to everyone and there was a lot of our friends and their friends who helped us out with food , hotels and coming to see us. amazing support and we cannot thank you enough. The weather was crazy cold with snow freezing rain and winds to the last few days of rain and today sunshine but with all your amazing help you made it so great. Love each and everyone of you!!!  You are what is making Run with us Amercia so much fun and a huge success .

One thought on “Day 61- Texakana end of Texas, Thankyou so much

  1. Reblogged this on Vanessa Runs and commented:
    Just a mish-mash of thoughts today as we say goodbye to Texas and start our first day in Arkansas. Texas was a beast. We had brutal weather but very warm hospitality. My mood went south in the snow and rain and I had a cold for a couple of days. It’s supposed to keep raining for a few days, but beyond that I’m looking forward to some sunny weather and I’m dying to get back to camping.

    I got the first PDF draft of my final book and I’ve been going through formatting checks the last couple of days. When that’s done, I’m looking forward to having a lot more time for running and biking. I’m starting to get stir-crazy in the RV between working and bad weather.

    Crew spirits are still good. Shacky and I managed to go out for breakfast a few days ago: something we’d do a lot more often on our own. It was lovely. I love breakfast foods as much as Ron Swanson. Shacky took really good care of me AND the guys while I was sick – I definitely picked a good one.

    A few random crew thoughts:

    I always used to say that crewing was harder than running, and I still stand by that. Especially for me because I get all mother hen and worry about the guys when they’re gone, especially in bad weather. I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE SAFE AND WARM. I also have a serious urge to constantly feed people (it may be clinical) and I’m working on toning that down. WHY U NO EAT??!!

    Crewing for a Transcon is very much a mental exhaustion, and those are always harder than physical fatigue for me. Often I’ll wake up in the middle of the night in a near panic about something I forgot or need to do in the morning. A lot of juggling balls. (Haha… balls.)

    BUT I love hard things and this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I’ve never seen a lot of these parts of the country and would probably never see them otherwise. I’m loving all these tiny towns with their tiny little attractions. I also love the challenge of finding lodging, schools, media… it takes me way out of my comfort zone. Cold calling and knocking on a stranger’s door are not often part of my normal activities.

    So! Onward! Hello Arkansas! The states after Texas should go by much quicker and before you know it we’ll be knocking on Michelle Obama’s door!


    We are still looking for lodging on the following dates INCLUDING TONIGHT! If you know anyone who can help, please email me at

    18-Mar Magnolia, AR
    19-Mar Magnolia, AR
    22-Mar Crossett, AR
    23-Mar Lake Village, AR

    24-Mar Greenville, MS
    25-Mar Cleveland, MS
    26-Mar Clarksdale, MS
    27-Mar Helena-West Helena, AR
    28-Mar Walls, MS

    29-Mar Memphis, TN
    30-Mar Memphis, TN
    31-Mar Memphis, TN

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