Days 58, Day off. Day 59 No rain and beautiful scenery, Friends

Day 58 – Day off

Huge thank you to the Dirtbag runners for putting us up for 2 nights in Sulphur Springs on our day off. It was a beautiful hotel and we got to chill right out thanks to you. We went out for a look around while the rain eased , first dropping in to the library to see the 150 different music boxes that is pretty famous here which was cool. Then we went downtown to see the centre and show Shacky and Vanessa the glass WC and get a coffee and some lunch. Then just chilled out that the hotel in the spa and lying on the bed working on my ankle and hamstring which is doing good.

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Day 59 – Back out on the road.

It wasn’t clear skies but warm and no rain so the run up route 67 was very nice today. We have seen a lot of Texas and we both thought that todays run was one of the best days. Green paddocks , lots of animals and great scenery to look at all day. Lincoln came out with us twice today and did a good 12 miles today too.

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There was a lot of road kill on the roads for a change and we saw our first Racoon, sadly he wasn’t kicking. But the Skunk was for sure, I was stoked to finally see one alive as we have seen so many dead on the roads and man do they stink even when dead.

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We past though a couple of small towns along the way and past heaps of lakes which added to the views to make our day.

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Our final destination was Mt Pleasant which was at 32.66 miles in just over 7 hrs, I felt really slow most of the day and was struggling a little in the head, kinda just a bit bored from running day after day. Great to have Pat to sing to me, Shacky, Vanessa and the pets to see every break and Lincoln coming running with us keeps me smiling and it would take my mind out of the spot I was in. It isn’t easy being out here everyday but I do love it just wish I was a better runner and could go faster . I get this feeling most weeks but am always happy to make another mile and another day.

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Pat was taking a few photos too today and the ones above are from him. He catches a lot of moments that I miss and had to share them. Thanks bro.

So we are saying goodbye to Lincoln tomorrow morning as he is off back to Aussie to do some water ski competitions trying out to make the Aussie team to go to the World cup. He is a amazing man making the most of everyday, I loved having him being a huge part of our run and can’t wait to join him on one of his next adventures somewhere out in our amazing world.

Huge thank you to JDK ( my awesome sponsor) for again putting us up in a hotel, you have done so much for us , thank you.

Day 234

2 thoughts on “Days 58, Day off. Day 59 No rain and beautiful scenery, Friends

  1. Really sad yall are leaving TX. Me and my wife just started following yall. Hope to catch yall some day and go for a run.

    • HI Dave and family,
      Thanks so much for the message , so sorry for late reply.
      where are you living? Yes we just into Arkansas , raining everyday.
      Would be awesome if you are keen to come run or catch up. just let me know.
      my email is , let me know if you can

      Thanks so much, hope you enjoy following us, please share our adventure if you can, more people means more fun.
      Best regards

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