Day 47 – Aspermont, Rule School and finished in Haskell

A warmer morning today which was nice and it warmed up a bit more later too, so much that Pat had his top off for a bit. Foggy at start when we went though Aspermont but then slowly got better.

I love this old abandoned house but not sure about this Flea market , check out whats for sale and in what order haha Texas style.  The views changed through out the day which was nice and roads not as straight as I thought they would be out here. Lots more farms,cows and horses out this way and also lots of cotton farms which go for as far as you can see. The cotton is so soft like you buy it in the shop. not sure what they do to it but judging by the feel its not much.

Day 22 Day 23 Day 27 Day 210

A few more shots from todays run.

Day 212 Day 214 Day 216 1 Day 215

Running along the roads is fun but when you pull up to your rest spot and this is waiting for you it is just AMAZING, check out the spread. Also the Summit Seeker RV is taking some changes and the back window is for the kids now. Makes me smile every time they drive past us. Love our crew!!!

Day 218 Day 217 1 Day 219 1 Day 226

We were running along at about mile 20 when we got a text from Shacky telling us we had a stop at the Rule School at mile 25, Awesome news we both thought. They had dropped in and talked to the principal who let us come in and chat to the kids, It was so much fun, there are 121 kids in the school with all grades covered right up to Senior High school. Lots of questions and talks going on for a hour. They are super excited about the 100 Mile club which is great and also excited about having connections to schools over seas which I really hope I can help to set up. Thankyou to all the kids and teachers for letting us drop in at short notice you really made our day.

Day 221 Day 224 Day 226 1 Rule School march 3rd Day 242 Day 234 1 Day 232 1 Day 227 1 Day 247 rule class 2 pat jup girl

We are thinking of lots of different ways to get the word out and Vanessa got us in touch with “” and our photos and write up was put up, so awesome to be with all these others amazing photos.

The weather channel weather channel photo

Coming into Haskell after a good day, Nice little town and also some friendly ladies down at the Dollar General. Nice to meet you ladies x

Day 231 Day 232 Day 233 Day 234

Vanessa and Shacky making the most of there time waiting for us to turn up , Vanessa also supporting a new hair cut and then Pat got the marker pen out for extra design. Team player for the kids.

Day 257 vanessa hair cut


We did a radio interview last week in Roswell, this is from Joe Finks station called KMOU 104.7 –

   So awesome to have their support. Thanks so much Joe and team.

Another great day out there with the Rule school stop and we still got our 34.6 miles in in a good time. Bring on tomorrow which sounds like the weather is going bad again but we are ready,

For the Kids!!!

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