Day 46- Into Aspermont, Friends and almost sunshine.

Today we had a bit of a drive to the start which doesn’t happen often but it also meant we would finish right near tonights hotel. Here is Pat making the most of the time an using his massage ROLL machine which he calls Zap, its a cool machine and easy to use.

Pat Zap roller

We started just short of Clairemont which once we got there we found it had a cool old jail there so we went in for a look. Not sure when it was last used but looked like it had some history. Pat was locked up for being a Vegan and not eating Meat , do’t mess with Texas people.

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Day 222 Pat jail


We found this little fella today and also we dropped down enough to get out of the snow.It has been a cold week but today was close to having the sun pop out but didnt happen. There was some cool views.

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Vanessa showing off her new BUFF at one of our aid stations and having so much awesome food and hot drinks ready for us again, Shacky cleaning up, Big thanks to Stone IPA Beer for sorting Pat out and keeping him happy and running.

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Some more views of the day.

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We both ran well today until I ate 3 doughnuts and my guts didnt like that, Then Pat found a watermelon on the side of the road so we tried it , wasn’t to bad . Then we found this road kill but to our surpise it was a Armadillo, I had never seen one before. Hope to see one that is alive one day.

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Eric and Alessa came out again and Eric ran a few miles with us first up before driving 3 hours back home, Thankyou so much for coming all the way out to find us and for all the presents you brought for us.It was awesome to meet you both.

Shacky pat and Eric


We got 35 miles in again today and hit 1250 miles total. We also mapped the rest of Texas and will be in Dallas on 9th March and done on the 16th March, Yahoo great to have this Mapped out and moving forward.

Big shout out again today to John Sharp for sorting our hotel out tonight too. Bloody legend.

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