Rest day in Parker Arizona, Day 12

After a great 10 days running though California we had arrived in parker Arizona. Right on the Colorado river. A slow get up which was great and a god breakie and we were out looking for things to do.

Before I tell you what we got up to here are some of the things we found on the roadside since started. Pat is so good at finding things.

disco ball dinasour helmet angles hope stones love sign mike peace stones sheep seahorse robot

ring wee flower

This is Our new mascot. he has no legs but is always happy, we named him Miles as we are running so many miles. he comes with me and Chris everyday.


Magic sunrise and the river fuller after some good rain last night.

Day 25 Day 22 Day 28 Day 210 Day 215

The first challenge came with us jumping in the water. it was pretty cold but super fun.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 5.17.37 pm  Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 5.17.03 pm

Then we headed down to the Road runner pub which was next door to our camp. We got told to get a drink called ” Roadrapper” which straight away sounded dangerous . Of course we got one and well it wasn’t to bad. Got talking to the locals there and Joy behind the bar. she was super cool. Ordered some lunch and a beer. While there we meet Phil who told us he had a water company, after he heard what we were doing he said he would love to sponsor us some water. AWESOME, we chatted about it and he said he would be there at the start at 7.30am tomorrow. can’t thank him enough.

Day 27 road runner bar Day 213 Day 29 Day 219

Then we headed to play on the slack line , set it up between the pontoon and played for a while. First time for most but it was super fun.

Day 223 linda newton 2nd day off linda slackline pat slackline jup slackline colorado river

As we have the Colorado river right here me and Rob got challenged to row across it and back in 15 mins.but there was a catch. We had no boat or paddle. So we went on a mission to find them, not having much success we then remembered that we had a airbed so Rob got it and I borrowed a paddle from a older couple and it was on.  The crowd grew bigger and cameras were out , we stripped off and with 30 seconds of prep we jumped on our “Contiki ” named boat. Not knowing if we could even get going we set off. We had 15 ins to get there and back. Rob on the back kicking and me on front paddling. It was SO much fun. Check out the Youtube clip that Pat took.

Newton made us a poem to fit our adventure on the Colorado.


Jup Brown New Zealand and Robert Young the UK OVER AND BACK ON THE COLORADO RIVER

They crossed the Colorado

On a sleeping mattress float

They had a kayak paddle

But they didn’t have a boat

Jup did all the paddling

Rob was in the rear

Sometimes he kicked his feet

But only in low gear

They made good time and landed

On the far side shore

They turned, waved and started

To paddle back once more

They made it back all intact

They did their countries proud

Long live UK, New Zealand

USA cheers long and loud

Thankyou so much Newton. Your to awesome.

Then after that busy day and with a run tomorrow we mostly headed to chill and sleep. Me and Alex are learning to take photos so headed out in to the dark to see what we could do. This is the best

IMG_6099 IMG_6100 IMG_6122 IMG_6142

It was a awesome day and Im totally refreshed and ready for the Arizona stage which is 16 days and 404miles. 7 marathons, day off and then 8 more. Tough but will be fun checking out the state.

Nite all. Do you push ups /situps – 12


2 thoughts on “Rest day in Parker Arizona, Day 12

  1. hey, I rec’d a request for a sleep over in Eagar AZ, would be happy to comply but cannot get into my account to do so, didn’t even know I created an account. Any way around this?

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