Day 7- We ran route 62 & stayed at Joshua Tree National Park campground

Day 7 got off to a cold start, We woke to pretty cold morning after what we have had, Getting closer to the desert is why. We had again 42.8kms to do today and after a day off everyone was feeling great. Sun out again and no real breeze we were off.

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I ran with Linda again and we were running great, We mostly do the 1 mile run and about 100m walk thing. Makes it nice and doable and keeps you from getting crazy tired. only 4 turns on todays run and they were early then we just headed East on Route 62.

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There was a bit of traffic so we decided to run the trail that run parallel to the road, real nice to run and soft under feet which I was liking. Being a little heavy at the mo I need the cushioning haha

About 20kms in when we hit the road again we spotted that someone ( Later found out it was Rob) had written GO Jup and the others names on the road. Even known it was probably him it was a sweet pick up. these little things pick u up real fast. Also these dinosaurs were there in the middle of nowhere. You see some funny things when running across a country this far, differently don’t miss any of them either.

Day 29

The sign we really dont want to see, NEXT 100 MILES no services, thats a long way when your running it. We will be going in a straight line for the next 4 marathons( 4 days) until we hit Arizona . So a lot of driving to and front he course everyday to camps and hotels.

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Tonight we are staying in the Joshua Tree National park in the camp ground and man is it beautiful, these rocks everywhere and views to die for. OF course we headed up to catch yet another awesome sunset after setting up camp that was.

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After a quick briefing for tomorrows run that Sandy takes us for every night the team went into town for some dinner but I decided to chill out tonight , just wanting to rest the legs and relax. Also been learning heaps more on the camera and wanted to take advantage of the stars and clear sky’s. What do you think? any good?

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I was trying different shutter speeds to see what would happen.

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Thats about it for today, back out there tomorrow and looks like another sunny day. Dont forget your pushups and sit ups.

Thanks so much for your support. Keep checking on facebook and instagram, send me and team messages. Check out to for more info on the event.

Nite all. Peace




5 thoughts on “Day 7- We ran route 62 & stayed at Joshua Tree National Park campground

  1. Hello Jup! My name is Pam Ramsey; I’m Alex’s mom. I’ve been wanting to do your push-up/sit-up challenge but didn’t think I could even do 10 so I did not start on the first day of your challenge – but still in my heart wanting to join in. Thanks to your reminder tonight, I decided I would just do them anyway to the best of my ability! So, I just did 10 pushup and 10 situps – they were not proper or pretty, just the best way I could do them! As I continue with your challenge my strength and ability will improve! Thank you!

    Also, these night picks are amazing! I love the lighted tents and the falling stars! Really, really cool!

    I just wanted you to know how much I’ve been enjoying your blog! Keep up the great work and the great fun!

    Pam Ramsey

    • Hi Pam . so awesome to hear from you and a huge thankyou
      Wow great work on the push ups and sit ups, I can’t do them very well either but little By little. Just do whatever you can.
      Makes me happy to know u like my blog I’ll be writing everyday and will post them when we have internet.
      Please share any links to my blog and other stuff, get more people following us makes it more fun.
      Thankyou again

  2. Jup!!!!

    Live following you’re journey man, I’m so living vicariously through you! Just saw your challenge for the push ups and sit up – I’m totally in, and will start tonight. Just need to figure out what day you’re on… Awesome way to feel connected with you while you’re taking on this huge challenge!

    Thank you for sharing your positive vibes with the people of America, you will touch many lives, no doubt.

    Peace breddah!! Cory

  3. Jup, your photography is breathtaking! Absolutely frame-worthy! I just started reading your blogs, a few each day, and part of me wishes I had read as you were journeying. The other part of me wants to binge read them! But back to work…

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