Day 6. Rest day, school day

Up at 6am on a day off isn’t what you really want but when it comes to meeting kids at schools then it is heaps easier, We were off to meet the students of Yucca Valley High School. The kids here go to school from 7am , crazy aye don’t think you would get kiwi kids doing that .

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We meet the coach and he signed us in and we headed to the gym to meet the first of 3 classes. Did our little presentation and in the first classes Me and Jessica spoke which was cool. I love to talking with the kids about adventures and now running, trying to show them how I do it and what I think can make it fun for anyone.

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After each talk we would have some question time and they students were awesome, heaps of questions which makes it more fun. Then we had photos with them, heaps of selfies going on. Getting to meet them and hear what they get up to is awesome. More fun this way to instead of them just listening, you get to get close and hear stories that they might not share with anyone else which I love.

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So many selfies and photos but have to share them all.



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All 3 classes went great and after heaps of photos and laughs it was time to leave. Sad but was a fun time. Already got heaps of the kids following mea nd the team so that’s is just brilliant . Thanks so much to everyone at Yucca Valley for the awesome fun morning. Really hope to see you again and please send in emails and messages. 6 of us where here and the others went to a different school. great that we can get to heaps of places and share stories and meet more kids.

linda 1st school

Then we headed to Walmart to do some shopping as we will be camping and away from towns for the next couple of days. It was all about eating heaps and resting for the rest of the day. I had a hour sleep just to catch up on what I missed this morning and then we head up on the hill just behind the camp to catch the sunset. Magical evening even if it was a tad cool .

Day 22 1 sunset 6th day sunset shacky 6th day cheers sunset 6th day

Not having power always is a bit hard to keep things charged and sorry I can’t get these posts out on time but they will get there when I get internet and power.

I write them everyday and post when I can.

Back into the running for another 5 days from tomorrow so there will be lots more photos coming. Keep following here, facebook and instagram , all under the JUP BROWN name or Race across USA pages too. So many photos being posted from everyone on the team .

Another great day had , Night everyone.

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