On my way to run across the USA- quick stop Hawaii

Hi Everyone.

Sorry I’m a bit late on getting this out but my blog from Hawaii trip . More blogs posts coming real soon.

I’m here in Hawaii and loving it, I came over on December 12th after spending the last 3 months working out in Western Australia for Decmil Australia. It was a great 3 months and a huge thank you to everyone who helped make it happen and made it fun while I was there.

Hawaii2 Hawaii3 Hawaii12

I came to Hawaii to run the Honolulu marathon on the 14th Dec. I hadn’t trained a lot but I wasn’t here to run it fast. From next month I will run across the USA and right now I just want to get my legs use to being out on the road walking or running for hours at a time. At the Expo I got to catch up with my great friend Eric Wainaina, Eric is here to run the marathon too with New Balance Japan.

I got up at 3am to get ready and head down to the start line for a 5am start. Walked outside to find it raining but not to much. With 30,000 people entered it was amazing at the start line, people from 40 different countries were there and i would say 20,000 Japanese.

Hawaii6 Hawaii7 Hawaii8 Hawaii9

Fire works started the race and off we went around though the city and out past Diamond head. Even with the rain which I liked as it was cooler but perfect for running. I was out here to run fast and get a time but just to get the legs use to running again. It was fun to be back in a race and watching all the people either pushing themselves for a PB or just out with friends.

The views keep changing as we ran from city lights to beautiful beaches which just made it easier to keep going. Yuki who I’m staying with was out there too cheering everyone on her companies stand, she was the 1 of 2 people I knew there. Steve Cooper who I had met up with last night, Steve is one of the runners who I will run across the US with. After meeting Steve I knew that our US run was going to so much fun and it just made me more excited to get to the main land to start.

The sun came out for the last 10kms and as I came down the last straight all the people had come out to cheer everyone in. I finished good and the legs where great for a slow 4hrs 52minutes. I collected my medal, tshirt and free Banana and headed home to relax. Had a blast running the Honolulu Marathon.

Hawaii10 IMG_1106

Over the next week I just relaxed and did a few runs, A couple of bigger ones which were amazing, I took the bus to the other side of the island one day and run home and a friend also dropped me off up near to pipeline and I ran around the top NW point home. Both runs around 28kms mark. Not breaking records but really enjoying Hawaii for all its amazing views.

Hawaii15 DCIM100GOPROGOPR0282. Hawaii16 Hawaii18 Hawaii19 Hawaii25 DCIM100GOPROG0010331. Hawaii56 Hawaii42 DCIM100GOPROG0020339.

I got to catch up with my bro Talon from One Palm Media who was over here working at Pipeline masters surf comp. Tal also has just finished a surf movie called Thundercloud, it is amazing, he did a showing in a carpark in Honolulu with the red bull crew. So proud of Talon as he won the Surfers poll award for best Documentary . AMAZING. Check it out HERE

thundercloud thundercloud showing

I didn’t want to leave Hawaii as it is just a amazing place, views to die for , beaches and sun everyday and the mountains around here are awesome. I so will be coming back to explore them and other islands but for now its time to more on and get things sorted for Race Across USA which is only 3 weeks away. So Excited.

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