Where have you been Jup Brown, A question I get a lot.

HI Everyone

Hope you all are awesome and loving life to the full. I have been all over the place and well doing a lot of thinking and seeing what I really want to do. So sorry for being away for so long .

Over the last year I have been mostly on Japan working and planning new adventures, Finding what it is that I want to do and I really love to do these adventures and enjoy everyday with you all so have been looking deep into what I have done and how I did it. Looking for what went great and why and then what didnt work as well and why. A fun thing really as I got to relive my last 3 yrs which were off the hook awesome and I thank you for that. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Had a couple of low points with my back giving out again twice but I also got to learn new ways to get it right and keep it right , Huge thanks to Sato Sports in Kyoto Japan who was the only one to say I can fix it. He show me a few stretches to do and sure enough I was back on my feet.

After trying so hard on Run For Tomorrow for the first half of last year where I traveled to London, Wales, Sweden and the US I then moved to live in Canada to help try to get it going I had to walk away . R4T was a relay marathon that was to run around the world. I was pretty upset and had used every dollar I could to be there but also I learnt so much being there and working with a team, trying to build it up and planning out a run around the world. While I did leave on my own accord and having to tell everyone involved was I reckon the hardest thing I have ever done I did make some amazing new friends and loved having the chance to try. Thanks to everyone for helping me and letting me be apart of it. Bring on the next one .

As always in my life things happen at the craziest times and as I left Canada thinking what will I do now I met Darren and Sandy from the US. They were organising a race across the US and after million questions from me about it as I was a little scared to jump in as I have always done I saw a very well organised so ask If I could be apart of it. I submitted my entry and a month or so later was accepted as one of 10 runners that will run across the USA . 140 day on the road and 115 marathons, 5000kms. YAHOO!!.

I had a couple of adventures during the middle of the year so Ill do another posts as this one will get way to long. Im looking forward to sharing more fun times on the road which is what I call my Life.



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