Wales ,England and Sweden trip for R4T

Bit late at getting this up but a note on my trip to Europe in Apirl/May.

Straight after London I was off to see my mate Nick who I hadnt seen for 10 yrs , well since we met while traveling in Budapest in Hungry. We met in a backpacker and got on the beers and made a friendship that has lasted strong until now. Thats the kind of friendship I love.


Nick lives in Hollyhead In northern Wales around the corner from Snowdonia. One of the most beautiful areas in the world.

Must be good as Sir Edmund Hillary use to come here and train before he climbed Mt Everest, just shows you what the area has to offer.

IMG_3963  IMG_3964

IMG_3929  IMG_3990

Amazing sunsets and clouds and I so wished I had taken my big camera but never mind. Nick took me around a few of the sights and his granddad use to work at this Lighthouse. We tried to get out there to look for free but the ” my granddad worked here years ago” story didnt work on the guy at the gate. Buggar.

IMG_4076  IMG_4077

IMG_4093  IMG_4070

Us being super outdoors boys we decided it was a fire on the beach night with beer and fish and chips , beer and food was awesome along with the views but I think I spent the evening trying to keep the tiny fire going that I made.  great fun .

IMG_4149  IMG_4183

IMG_4185  IMG_4150

IMG_4164  IMG_4203

IMG_4117  IMG_4101

We went down to the Bangor University and chatted to the students about doing some tests on my fat butt, so after a few Questions we thought we might as well see where my fitness level is at. So I jumped on and did a VO2 test.

Basically I ran with a mask on to see how much O2 I would suck in and they match it with how my heart struggles and how fast I can get to . Well me being a slow long runner with no fitness right at this moment I wasnt the fastest runner to even jump on the machine, I ran for 5 mins at 8km a hour pace and then every minute the speed went up 0.5 , I made it to 15km and my legs couldnt keep up with the treadie, so game over, haha

Was lots of fun to do and great to see and try something else. Thanks so much to everyone who we met today.

Going to work with them from now on and on my next run where ever that is, see what and how my body changes over the time of running so much everyday.

Got to do a Interview and talk about R4T world run with Racheal who is a reporter for a few newspapers, great to help get the word out. Thankyou so much .

IMG_4042  IMG_4045


After a great weekend dropped back into London and downed a couple of beers down town which was awesome, been ages since I did that. Just around the corner from where me and Hewy tried to learn to Salsa dance. We were awesome in our eyes but we did win the tequlia drinking comp.

IMG_4237  IMG_4232

Then I headed north to the Peak district to catch up with Matt and Ellie from Summit Fever photography, We met in India last year at THE HIGH ultra I did. They were crewing with katy for Mark Hinges who I run with for half the race.

They showed me around there amazing back yard. I needed a little boost and took in a ELLA’s Kitchen Baby food shot, they are amazing. Wish I had longer but I was on a mission so after Adventure movie night watching “Extreme South” – Cas and Jonesy at the South Pole. Love this movie. 

Huge thanks guys for showing me around , can’t wait to come back. Best of luck with Summit Fever .

IMG_4239  IMG_4240

IMG_4241  IMG_4243

Next on the trip was Stockholm Sweden, Yep jumped over to see my Cuz Brandon who I hadn’t seen in 10 yrs, Lost count of how many times I have said Ill be over to see you soon but just never made it, Sorry bro.

So I met up and Brandon and also my best mate Jonny Rice was over too, Such great timing to see them both, Weather was awesome and I got to cruise around, check out Brandons work place, sweet job at a TV channel.

Couple of beers with Jonny and I was off.

IMG_4273  IMG_4271

IMG_4279  IMG_4277

IMG_4275  IMG_4268

Over the last 3 weeks I got alot of questions about R4T that I didnt know the answers to so changed all plans and jumped on a plane which was heading to Canada, Lets Go!!!!!

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