Canada and US trip for Run For Tomorrow run.

Mid May I hit Canada to go learn more about R4T and it ended up being a great trip with Extras.

Found Air transit online and got a flight from London to Toronto for 300 pounds ,super cheap I thought. Was full but comfortable.


My first time In Toronto which I was excited about, Had a couple of days before I could met Malcolm so I thought It would be rude not to go see the Niagara Falls.

IMG_4298    DCIM100GOPRO

No tour would be complete with a winery stop, So I tried them all and some special one that is only made here, Being a few months ago I can’t remember what it was called, Sorry.

IMG_4304  IMG_4307

Then I was there, right in the middle of one of the most famous set of falls in the world, I was stoked to be here at last. I do alot of traveling but don’t get to alot of the famous places so finally slowly ticking them off.




Was a amazing day hanging out at the falls in the beautiful sunshine , met a lovely lady from Yorkshire in UK too.

Then I headed off to met Malcolm Anderson the man behind Run for Tomorrow world run. You can check out the website HERE.  I was excited as hell to be here to learn about what is going to take over my life for the next year or so.

IMG_4328   IMG_4335

We cruised around Ottawa checking it out and getting to know each other, also learning about the huge plan of R4T.

IMG_4339   IMG_4340


I stayed with Malcolm and his family for 3 days and it was beautiful , out of the city and on the farm with a fellow kiwi was great.

IMG_4345  IMG_4346


Malcolm also got me out for a run which I really enjoyed, Have been lazy as lately which you can see on my 3 chins I have here so needed a run.

I also got to met Lauren Jawno. Lauren is a amazing lady, a publish author, Dynamic Speaker, Nutritionist, Fitness trainer and Wellness/lifestyle coach. I have started to read her book called “Change 4 Good”. I love it , check it out.

Lauren’s website

I have searched the world for Favoured milk as good as PRIMO milk in NZ and finally found something thats pretty good, Reid’s Dairy nice work.

IMG_4364  IMG_4371

I had been introduced to an amazing new contact and being so close I thought I should go and say hi so I jumped on a plane and poped over to NEW YORK CITY USA.    Yahoo road trip.

IMG_4390  IMG_4404

Never been in NY before I had to have a good look around and try the hotdogs of course. Before I cruised the streets and Central Park. A huge park in the middle of a huge city. Loved it.

IMG_4378  IMG_4382  IMG_4397

Another sunny day so I walked a few hours.  Being poor as another reason but all the same I was living a dream no matter what.

IMG_4409  IMG_4413  IMG_4417

IMG_4418  IMG_4431

Little bit of romance going on as I pasted by. Congrats to you both.

IMG_4424  IMG_4425

As I left Central park I was just around the corner from yep you are seeing right THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL NY.

IMG_4436  IMG_4438

Me as always dressed to impress in my good shorts and a tee I got to met The President of sales. I got introduced from a friend Lynne from Aussie , Can’t thankyou enough Lynne,

I went in and it was an amazing meeting, To be in one of the most famous cities in the world in the office of one of the most famous TV programs talking about having fun and adventures was what makes my life so great.  To have someone listen and understand , throw out ideas and believe in what I was talking about was a special feeling and a day I won’t forget. Thankyou so Much.

IMG_4450  IMG_4463

Then it was time to hit the high points and check out the views . Empire State building at it’s best, Amazing clouds and views. AWESOME!

IMG_4455  IMG_4452

IMG_4475  IMG_4480

Dropped into Central Station and met up with my old school friend Charlotte. Charlotte lives in NY now and works as the editor at The Epoch Times newspaper. So so awesome to catch up. We hit the Metro Dinner is true American styles and had a great fed.

IMG_4479  IMG_4485

After another great few days I was off again to the other side of the island( the island of America) . Yep flew over to Seattle and then took the ferry up to Victoria on Vancouver island Canada.


I was here to met the team who have been working on R4T. The volunteers at ICO – foundation have been helping out getting everything going for this event. I wanted to learn who has been doing what and see if I could help. I met everyone and John the Founder of ICO and decided that I would come back in 6 weeks to help them get more happening. Thanks for putting me up and showing me the go.

IMG_4492  IMG_4491

This is the map of the route that we will run. 32 countries, 10 runners, 200 days on the road. Wow fun times.


Somewhere along this crazy trip I sat beside this young bloke and while he was sleeping I saw this and just had to take a photo. Great to see this on such a young guy. Didn’t get to chat to you bro but love ya style.

IMG_4503  IMG_4547

2 thoughts on “Canada and US trip for Run For Tomorrow run.

  1. Love hearing about your adventures, Jup, although I have to admit they make my heart ache for some adventures of my own. Will likely be in Maine in September for a couple weeks if there is any chance you’ll be in the area. Otherwise, looking forward to catching up with you in Nippongers!

    Happy trails! Cory

    Sent by Whisper-ma-Phone

    • Hi Cory, great to hear from you and thanks so much, I hope you will go after that feeling of adventure and then tell me about it, I love to hear stories and fun times.
      Im in LA right now to help a friend do an event, SHe will walk 900kms ( 520miles) from Corona to Oakland in CA. I will crew/support Yolanda as she walks in memory of her mother and supports the Diabetes foundation. We start in Corona on Aug 19th and finish on Sept 2nd. If you are close yet me know and maybe you can come along and support Yolanda, please tell some friends. Check it out on
      More adventures brewing up too so keep watching, Im on a mission.
      Thanks so much for your mail , sorry its been ages since I posted, will get more up next few days.
      Have a great week.

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