Work at a couple of ski comps

Well during the Ski world cup I work with the ZUN team who do the MC’ing and music for the comp and Zun as also been supporting me on my runs, They hooked me up with my support van last yr which is a huge thing. 4 months they sorted me that van.

Well Zun is working all over the place in winter and asked me to help out so of course I said yes.


So Off to to Nagano Hakuba it was for a week to be sound crew for the 50th All Japan Technicial ski champs. Something so different to what I always do but I loved just getting to met new folks and hitting new hills.

IMG_3774  IMG_3782

Hakuba is a huge mountain and well even huger mountain behind it, so beautiful to see.

We set up the speakers that the Mc would use and when watch the guys do their thing all day before packing up at night, sweet job aye. I dont knwo that much about skiing and sure couldnt really pick who was better than the other as they were all damn good.

IMG_3771  IMG_3772

Sic views of the hills and of the X-Gloo tents that Gaku Hirasawa my great friends brings in to Japan from Germany. Super easy to erect tents and damn strong too.

Once we had sorted that comp I was off to Tokyo to Met with Gaku from Deporture and Ken Imaya from Buff and Bluetag Japan.

They have both been supporting me and I wanted to get them in on R4T . Bluetag supports some of the top athletes in Japan and I was hoping that we could work toegether and do something t make the Japan leg at least a special one.

IMG_3769  IMG_3767

But first I dropped in on the MOJO Coffee team in Tokyo, Mojo coffee is made in New Zealand and this is their first shop in Japan. They also supported me last yr on my Indian run. Great to see the cafe open as when I met them last yr it was un construction. Well done to Jason and Kenji san for making it happen.


After a awesome metting with Ken and Gaku at Bluetag headquarters  abotu R4T they asked what i was up too. I was just heading back to Listel to help out again when they asked me to come help them at the Japan Para Ski Championship back in Hakuba.

IMG_3770  IMG_3816

So yes of course I was up for it and 2 days later I was back in Hukaba getting set up to help the Wheelchair Athletes .


We set up the Bluetag tent and had the red carpet out to help the guys and girls be able to get up onto the snow from the carpark. and into their ski chairs. Now you have to see these guys and what they can do. We aren’t needed but it makes it a little easier.

IMG_3806  IMG_3819

Was great to see and met everyone and have yet another comp of something totally different in my bag of tricks.

I learn’t so much this week, and cant wait to help out again.  Olympians and future olympians all here battling it out for the top spot.

IMG_3811  IMG_3807

While there I also met Saito San. Now he and he mate have invented a new handle system for the wheelchair called JINRIKI.

It is a simple idea and it is 2 hamdles that just click on to the chair and able you to then lift the front wheels off the ground and pull the chair along . It works amazlinly and I think that it will be huge to help those who need it.

Saito san gave a couple of sets to the Japanese Para Olympic team which they can take on their trips .Awesome idea and great man who thought of it. Let me know if you want to know more or get one.     JINRIKI WEBSITE



Cheak out these chairs, So Awesome and damn these boys fly. amazing balance. Just watching them get in and out of them is hard enough so they are fitted so well to each person body for maxium response.

IMG_3821  IMG_3826

3 guys here in the green are the top 3 boys in the Japanese team and also Olympic gold medals and World champ. Wicked new friends .

Also Lincoln Budge from Aussie was here . great to met some one from down under and watch him win 3rd on the last day of competition.

Huge congrats bro


Me and Gaku worked together for the 2 days and then Ken came to change with Gaku , we werent struggling I tell you that when it came to eating, Great food and room in Hakuba. thanks so much


great new friend Nobuko chan who was busy all week in the office and on the hill. Otsukaresama


After 2 weeks away from Listel I arrived back to a closed hill, yep all the snow was gone and spring was coming. But I was happy as it means i can chill out and think aboutyet another great yr in the snow.

Thanks Japan

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