Western Australia to work in the desert

When I hit Aussie I aways go to the Gold Coast as i have lived there on and off over the past 5- yrs. Heaps of bro’s there and always fun to catch up .

Dan at DMShapes have been supporting me over the last 3 years in my runs and I can’t thank Dan and his team for that. If you are ever down on the Goldie and need a new board check them out. Click here     DMS

IMG_3571  IMG_3573

Then off to Perth to catch up on the Master Plumbers team who did a great write up on us with the run in Japan. I had RM Plumbing supporting me and they hooked us up with the Master Plumbers team. Went down to say thanks.

IMG_0072  IMG_0073

I had search so hard to find a job over here and was lucky to get introduced to Suncity Plumbing from Geraldton. My Mate Juice had hooked me up and I can’t say thanks to both Suncity and Juice for it, I was desperate. THANKS GUYS!!!!


This was my room for the next 3 months, I was in a small town in the middle of the desert, Newman. Not alot there but some amazing money to be made and to a broke runner like me it would be a life saver and a means to getting us back out to be able to do another adventure real soon.

IMG_0078  IMG_0079

While Im out here I get free board and food which is huge, Not having a home myself this becomes my home . there is everything you need as you work 11-12 hrs days for 4 weeks. And man is it hot, most days on the 40’s and sometimes hits 50. not the best place for a super non tanning white boy like myself but you have to wear long shirts and trousers and hat so not many chances of getting to burnt.

IMG_0103  IMG_0170

Yep Im a plumber and I dig lots of holes and put pipes in the ground. Not many people know what i do as I are always traveling or running. Well this is how I do it , I box on here for a few months, save every dollar I get and then shot off on an adventure. It’s not the best place to be but with a goal like that and or need to pay off the bills fast then you can not beat it. There is some awesome guys and girls working out here to so always make so great friends too.

IMG_0200  IMG_3580

You see these whirl winds out here everyday, The wind and heat working together. Amazing to watch.

Always someone having a beer and a chat at night so never lonely.

IMG_0151  IMG_0130

The Sunsets out here are off the hook too and a great way to finish a days work.


Making sure I dont forget how to run I read up on others adventures. Just keeps my mind in the game and well yes I do just love it.

I was working out here for 3 months and had a blast, HUGE thanks to Suncity Plumbing and the boys looking after me and for helping me out and I hope we can work together again soon.

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