RUN FOR TOMORROW – Running around the world

Now have a listen to this.

While I was out in the Aussie desert I got a email from my friend Rajat from India, He is the man behind “THE HIGH” a 222kms race that I did back in August 2012.

R4T logo

Rajat emailed me saying that he had a new adventure for me and that he had put my name down and I only had to say YES if I wanted to be apart of it. Now it someone says that to me then it doesnt take much for that YES.

RUN FOR TOMORROW was the name of the event. Now listen to this,      R4T Website

7 months on the road, 32 counties, 10 runners running a marathon each one after the other in relay styles AROUND THE WORLD!!!

Starting Sept 15th and should finish around end of march 2014.

Well I almost fell off my chair, I was so excited and well blowin away that I could even be thought of for a run like this.My mate Rajat below here. The man who has set my heart of fire about this run.

Rajat Chauhan (India)

Dr. Rajat Chauhan is a sports medicine doctor from India, and the founder and medical director of ‘Back 2 Fitness’ – a chain of sports medicine and musculoskeletal medicine rehab centres across India. He is also a columnist for the Mint Business newspaper in India, and the owner, race director and medical director of La Ultra – the world’s highest altitude ultramarathon (up to 17,700 feet), held in northern India. Rajat has served for several years as the medical doctor for a number of marathons in India, and brings to the team over 27 years of running, including several years in England where he did his medical training. He has run in events ranging from middle distance to ultramarathons, including over 100 official and unofficial marathons.

Rajat 2 Himlys-250x188

The man behind R4T is Malcolm Anderson, a kiwi who now lives in Canada.

Now I get this mail saying you want in and I reply with probably the funnest relay ever , I was so excited that I dont even reckon it was english I was writing, I just anted to be a part of this run in some form. Runner, Crew, driver, orange boy I didnt care. Unknowin to me was that Rajat sent my email straight to Malcolm saying “well there is why I think Jup could be a go for R4T Malcolm”.

Malcolm Anderson-400x448-250x280

Malcolm Anderson: Founder & Exectutive Director of R4T

Malcolm has run close to fifty marathons and ultra-marathons, including the 90km Comrades Ultra-marathon in South Africa, the double marathon at the Connemara International in Ireland, the Tahoe Triple marathon in the United States, and the Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days Challenge in the Lake District in England. Malcolm gives talks on running and motivation, writes articles on marathon running, and has also written four books on marathon running including The Marathon Maniacs: The world’s most insane running club (2012); The Messengers (2011); and A Marathon Odyssey (2009). He was also the host and co-producer of a television show called ‘26.2 and Beyond: A Marathon Journey’, which followed the training of several runners as they prepare for marathons and ultras. Malcolm received his PhD at Queen’s University, Canada where he continued for eighteen years as a member of the faculty of health sciences, conducting health services research and program evaluation. More recently he was involved in the national consultation on Canada’s new physical activity guidelines. Although a New Zealander, he currently lives in South Eastern Ontario, Canada.

R4T is a marathon relay of 10 elite runners , someone running at all times of the day or night, yep the baton never stops moving. It will start on 15th Sept 2013 in Ottawa Canada. Holy shit.

Below are the first of the 10 runners as Malcolm and his team are searching the globe for people crazy enough to want a piece of this amazing charity event.

Dave Major runplaces photo-400x630-250x394  Linda Major (1)-400x530-250x331

Dave Major (United Kingdom)

Dave has run over fifty marathons each year, every year, since 2006 and has completed more marathons than any other runner in Britain in the last 5 years. He has run a marathon in 30 countries. In total he has completed over 450 marathons and ultra-marathons. In 2008 Dave collected 3rd Place in North America for the most marathons completed by a runner. In 2009 he went one better with 2nd place.

Linda Major (United Kingdom)

Linda has run more than 300 marathons. She is currently second in the UK for the most marathons completed by a female. She has run a marathon in thirty different countries, and was the first female to run 52 marathons in one calendar year in the UK. She has won numerous awards for her marathon running and coaches new and aspiring runners to attain their goals.

Gavin Goodwin (1)-400x565-250x353  Steve Edwards-400x501-250x313

Gavin Goodwin (South Africa)

Gavin started running in 1999. In addition to numerous marathons he has run the world renowned 56 mile ultra-marathon Comrades race nine times with a best time of 9:21 hours, and has run the Two Oceans 56km Ultras in Cape Town seven times. He typically runs an average of four marathons, Comrades and Two Oceans a year, and trains an average of 1000km in the six months leading up to Comrades. Gavin played professional squash in Europe from 1985 – 1995 and returned to his home in South Africa 1995 and opened and ran his own business in Durban until 2009.

Steve Edwards (United Kingdom)

Steve has run over 500 marathons, and in 2013 to coincide with R4T he will have run over 500 marathons in under a 3:30 time. In 1990, at the age of 28, he became the youngest athlete in the world to run 100 marathons. Two years later, aged just 30, he passed the 200 marathon landmark, again, the youngest athlete ever to do so. In 1992 he also broke the world record for running the most marathons in a one year period, a total of 87. He has run the Brathay 10 Marathons in 10 days challenge four times.

Jane Trumper web photo[1]-250x332  Yolanda Holder[1]-250x323

Jane Trumper (Australia)

Jane started running when she was living in Japan in 1998. Her brother had just had his first heart attack and bypass surgery at the age of 38. His death has inspired her to help others lead a healthier life. Jane has run over 100 marathons and 50 ultra-marathons and was the first woman to complete the Australian Grand Slam of Australian Ultras (4 runs of over 100 miles in less than 4 months). In April of 2012 she became the first woman to run 664kms across The Simpson Desert (in 10 days, with temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius). Jane lives in Sydney, Australia. She works as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Anaesthetics, is married to Peter, and has three children and a Bernese Mountain Dog called Darcy.

Yolanda Holder (United States)

American Yolanda Holder is the current Guinness World record holder for “Most Marathons Run in a Calendar Year by a woman”, running 120 marathons in 2012 (beating her own previous world record). She is the only woman who has completed more than one hundred marathons in a calendar year twice. Yolanda has completed 423 marathons/ultras, including 11 consecutive days of official marathons in 2012 and 93 consecutive days of unofficial marathons in 2011. She has also completed six 100 mile races, with a best time of 25 hours. Yolanda writes, “Marathoning is a great way to raise awareness about the importance of healthy living and exercising. I have a passion for marathoning.” Yolanda is an Author, Motivational Speaker, wife and mother of two adult children.  Her mission is to promote good health, inspire, motivate, and encourage people of all ages to get out and get fit, while having fun.

jesper  Jup Brown 1-250x167

Jesper Osen ( Denmark)

Jesper has been doing recreational running since the early 1980s. He completed his first marathon at age 15, and spent 10 years in elite marathon racing with a personal best of 2:27. He then moved into ultra-distance running, taking part in international competitions from 100km to 6-day races.

Jesper has completed two world runs. World Run 1, East-West was completed in 2004-2005 and World Run 2, North-South-North ( between 2008-2012. His World Run #1 consisted of 26,000km and his second world run totaled 37,000 kms!! He studied political science at university, and much of his time is currently focused on worldrunning, bookwriting and lectures.

Jup Brown ( New Zealand)

YEP and Me, hehe

Now this kind of event doesnt happen without an amazing team and R4T has just that.

Here is everyone at the moment who is working so hard to make this happen and Il will introduce them all real soon. I cant wait to meet everyone.

Tracy Pope   s51321ca101799_8_2-250x375

Jeff Galloway photo-400x596-250x373  Dave McGillivray photo-400x266-250x166

Jerry Dunn-250x310  John-400x519-250x324

Marshall Ulrich photo-400x600-250x375  Matt Hill photo_0-400x300-250x188

Lauren Jawno photo-350x631-250x451   Siri Terjesen photo-250x377

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    • HI, Hows things going? Great to hear from you and thank you for what you said. I hope my blog is what you might like to follow, Im running across the US from January 2015. More cool stories then. Thanks again Jup

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