New Delhi after the run

A great flight back to New Delhi and as we were with the Garrets it was straight to their hotel ” The Taj “. Man what a amazing hotel it was too.

IMG_3221  IMG_3224

Tim had told me about the ice cream sundays there and that was enough for me and mike to say yes we would stay. Funny as listen to Tim order the sunday and I was just like “I’ll have one to please” not knowing what I was ordering.

IMG_3216  IMG_3217

Our view from our room  as we headed down to the spa room to chill out some more. Living it up is awesome.


We caught up with Katy, Ellie and Matt and booked a rental car with a driver of course and we were off for the day to the Taj Mahal to check it out.

IMG_3226  IMG_3232


It took about 4 hrs to get there and it was raining but came clear as we walked in which was perfect. A huge place and the gardens and surrounds were great. We walked around like the tourists we were .

IMG_3252  IMG_3260

IMG_3272      IMG_3268

Katy putting down her best model look unknowing Tim was right behind doing his best moves too.

IMG_3277  IMG_3283

IMG_3287  IMG_3296

IMG_3306  IMG_3308

Made a new dancing mate who had some great moves .

IMG_3327  IMG_3319

Meeting the people here at the HIGh was amazing and I was lucky to make some friends that I will have in my life forever. Tim , Keir , Matt Ellie and Katy it was more than super awesome fun hangin with you guys and can’t wait to meet up again.

Thanks for the adventures and millions of laughs.

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