Japan- Cable Wakeboard World Cup in Odaira Tokyo



I stayed in New Delhi for 5 days as I was planning to do a little trip but I had no money left and couldn’t change my ticket so just chilled in the hotel .

Then I flew back to Japan as I had a job at the 1st Cable Waeboard World Cup   which was to be held in Odaiba in Tokyo .

Before I went to India I had met up with Gaku Hirasawa from BUFF Japan who has been amazing and supporting me on my Japan run. He had asked me to help out at the World cup and of course I jumped at the chance too.

I have really only worked at winter World cups for skiing and snowboarding so to move into the summer events to was just what I have been looking for .

IMG_3570  IMG_3568


We were there on the beach helping set up for a few days before the athletes arrive. I was to help Gaku with the translating during the Comp. A super fun job.

IMG_3592  IMG_3618


The opening ceremony was great and lots of people and media were down to watch the first cable world cup ever held.


IMG_3619  IMG_3620



Right from the start I was seeing that summer events are super fun, Sun and water means smiles on everyones faces.

Huge welcome to Japan to everyone involved.

DCIM100GOPRO  551878_10101437711476522_1151769973_n


There was about 15 different counties involved which was awesome. A great team from Japan here to show off their skills.

394230_327104574051929_1039268023_n  IMG_3379

IMG_3409  IMG_3426


I was blowin away by the way everyone poped out of water and made it look so easy.

IMG_3475  IMG_3472

IMG_3445  IMG_3457


There were the best male and female riders here and I was in the best place to meet everyone.

IMG_3464  IMG_3500

IMG_3489  IMG_3529

IMG_3531  IMG_3576


Rixen Cables from Germany had bought one of their cables all the way over and set it up . It took them a couple of weeks to set up and we were only here 4 days. A huge job but the team did a great job though the whole event.

The Stone Market girls keeping the people watching on the beach happy .

IMG_3375  IMG_3366


This first photo below here was my view for the whole time. I had to stay here right at the start  and look after the athletes and Judges . I love my job haha.

DCIM100GOPRO  424212_326128317482888_885969160_n


Lots of Companies had shops set up showing off their new gear and I made some great new friends .

IMG_3373  IMG_3634


The whole crew involved were like  huge family, The atmosphere was amazing, smiles always and the way that everyone cheered each other on was great.

IMG_3630  IMG_3633




Odaiba is a beautiful part of Tokyo  that I didnt even know was there and the views over Tokyo at sunrise and sunset were AWESOME.

IMG_3577  IMG_3587



The last night after the comp before everyone flew there was the party which everyone got to have a beer and chat about the great week we just had.  Great to chiil with everyone.

IMG_3566  IMG_3555

547315_376131559122740_2036662843_n  320149_376133059122590_1493510639_n

IMG_3551  IMG_3549



Huge thanks to Gaku san and everyone involved in running the event, huge success. Thankyou for having me and I hope that wakeboarding can make it into the Olympics from 2020 and really hope that Tokyo can host them . Fun times ahead.

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