Back home to New Zealand

When I are away from NZ I dont so much as miss it but as soon as I hit home from somewhere I think why was I away for so long. Man this country is beautiful.

A stop over in New Plymouth to hang with the Bublitz’s as I hadn’t seen them for ages, so great to see the girls growing up. ALso meet Another Katie from Canada there . Such a awesome lady.

Then it was home to Wanaka to see the family.


I was so broke when I arrive after living the dream for probably a bit to long this time but thats the way I like it and hit my old boss Pete from Pembroke plumbing up and the next day was on the tools again. First week we were up in the hills on a farm doing the plumbing for the new house and well just check the photos for the views.

IMG_3665  IMG_3663

I got these photos from Mikey of Tim who was down here for a comp and I just had to put them up, He walked around at the Wanaka Challange like this, Bloody wish I had of been there. Love ya work Timmy.

IMG_3700  IMG_3701

While I was in New Plymouth I caught up with a Local NP Newspaper who did a story of us while we ran NZ last yr and they did another one on our last couple of runs in Japan and India. Great to have their support even when I wasn’t in NZ. Thankyou so much always.

IMG_3643  IMG_3646

I was in big need of money to pay of the bills fromt he 6 months of running I had just done so started to make some calls to aussie, Yep I had to go again to Western Australia ,back into the desert and the 40-50 degree heat. But I knew if I did then I would be able to get back out and do another adventure sooner if I did.

So I borrowed some money off dad(Again, love ya dad) and flew off to Aussie.

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