Dalai Lama Live!!!

After chilling and talking about yesterdays race I went to sleep with a huge smile on. I had made THE HIGH and felt great.

While we had been getting ready for the run we had heard that Dalai Lama was going to be giving a talk to the town down at a local ground and we had planned to go.

Well that just happened to be today, the next morning after running 222kms it is one amazing way to get up, knowing you are heading down to listen to the man himself. What a way to finish off an amazing 2 weeks.

We were up and out the door by 6.30am and down to following the thousands of people all heading to the same place. People had come from all over the country side.

IMG_3092  IMG_3097

Mike and Michele cruising down the road like locals , people come from miles to see the Dalai Lama.


Remember this is about 7.30am and the place if full. I reckon people would have been here all night. We were thinking we weren’t going to be able to even see the man as we walked in.

IMG_3171  IMG_3197

IMG_3166  IMG_3165

Snaking our way thought the thousands we then got the old” hey you guys have a spot over here ” from some guy so over we went to find that that spot was right at the front next to the Dalai. Couldn’t believe our luck . Stoked!!

IMG_3172  IMG_3195

Michele off checking out the sights and chatting with the locals.

IMG_3192  IMG_3181 IMG_3185

Indian people are so nice, and kids are more than cute as are the older folks. So much life in their faces and probably many a story to tell us.

IMG_3190  IMG_3126

Then out came the Dalai Lama himself and as I had bought my super long lens I was able to snap a few super close shots.

IMG_3131  IMG_3168

IMG_3148  IMG_3159

He even said hi to us all and I mean the 100 odd overseas folks in our area. They had it set up with speakers and his speech was all translated for us. But the big guy couldn’t not say a big hi and wave to us. Love his Smile.


The Dalai chatted for around 3 hrs but we didnt stay that long sorry, My body was telling me to eat as it was still trying to mae a come back after me pushing it for 56 hrs.

Then after a very chilled arvo we had a party to go too, Yep the after race party was on and we were all keen as for a few beers.Rajat had booked his cool little place and everyone was there.

IMG_3202  IMG_3205

We had the presentations to all the runners and crew members, yes of course the crews too as we weren’t going to make 222kms with out them. They didnt sleep if we didnt. Maybe taking turns when they could to but as for my crew they were there the whole time . Oh no I did catch them one time the whole 4 of them alseep ,mouths open and looking very happy. I ran passed thinking man I could go a chocolate bar but just couldn’t wake them up. I knew they would find me somewhere down the road.

IMG_3213  IMG_3214

A great way to finish off the night we had got Mark a cake as it was his Birthday. Happy birthday Bro.

I had the best time . Huge thanks to my amazing crew Stanzin, Mike and Michele. Also to  Rajat and his team for making a awesome race that I was able to be apart of .

The High is amazing get over and have a go.

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