Leh India Day 2,

The view from our hotel was awesome, mountains and clouds that just pop ou so much in the blue sky.


Everyone was keen to get out and have a look arouund, I even think they were thinking a run but little me, I was sweet just to walk around and chill. I had just finished Japan and running was the last thing on my mind right now.

We headed into town which was about 20-30 minutes walk up hill and on the way we could see a temple kinda building on the hill so that was our new goal, it wasnt much of a climb really maybe 200m vert but man did it hit everyone. Probably a good thing to settle everyone down and let them know we are at attitude now.




As you can see the views were amazing every way we looked. I was with Mark Woolley and Seow kong 2 gun runners with heaps of experience. Very chilled guys.




Once at the top we chilled out for a hour to get use to this height and then headed back down to have a beer.



The View back up the hill from the pizza/beer shop was just as good as from the top. Leh is a busy little town now with lots of shops where you can get anything made or a fake one at a great price.




So a great first day out in the hills , Just getting better every minute.

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