Leh Day 8,9

Think this last day 7 but me and Tim had planned to go for a run but missed each other so when we caught up we headed out with Sash his mate to climb up a hill. It was the middle of the day and hot as hell but off we went, we were heading for another hill of 4054m irhg ton the edge of town.




Good to have the Sunnto Ambit with me , I love this new watch.

Once we hit the top we chilled to get use to the height, Sash had only just arrived so needed to get some attitude. The boys also worked on their tans.



this is the hill in the back ground. On the way down we ran down the sengal stones ( spelt wrong sorry) which was fun.



The the next day we were heading back to the top at 5300m but this time me and Tim were there to run or walk down the top 15kms, it went fine and was a good check for time really and how we felt doing exercise at this height.



You can see the top and the road that zigzaged down the hill.



From South Pullu we jumped on the MTB’s again and cruised the rest. Another fun day out .


Then on day 9 we thought we had better go and see the other mountain that we have to climb but a car ride wasn’t what we needed so we hired motorbikes. 5 of us headed out  with Stanzin showing us the way. The road was better than the other hill but the zig zags were bigger. Didn’t think that was possible.




At the top the views were amazing and with another super sunny day we again just chilled out.




Along the road there are heaps of signs, So many are funny as, Alot have the work BRO on them too and to me was just the best thing.




The views were just amazing all day long.






Tim always has a smile on and was just loving it on the bikes. The valley we went though was crazy, huge walls on both sides al most straight up from the river below, The photos just dont do it right.



Another super fun day. Im loving this trip so much.


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