Leh – Day 3

What to do , Others were heading out to go for a run and Michele was keen to do something to, I was on cruise mode and well thought a walk will do me, I said come on and follow me, not knowing at all where I was going I headed towards the Shanti Stupa, Not far from home but the stairs up to it where a great welcome to climbing in the hills.





SO beautiful up here and the Stupa with all its colours was awesome, These photos are what Michele took as he is a photo taking machine. SO I barrow a couple. The views from here also where great and I had time to have a look at where to go next. I spotted a hill on the other side of the valley with a track up it and said lets go there.



We went though the village and got a drink for the climb. Wasn’t sure how long or high it was but knew it would be hard.




The track was pretty easy and i was happy with that, As we went up it got harder and yes we had to have alot of stops.



Kier who was running on no breakie was feeling it the most but boxed on and the rest of us had brave faces on I reckon to make out it wasnt hurting.



Once at the top which was at 4000m The views were amazing. it was only about a 1.5 hr walk up and not super hard .



Mike and Kier up a rock and doing yogas moves , looked pretty awesome I must say. We stayed here for about 45 minutes and then headed down as the day had disappeared, I had siad a little walk and we were gone for 6 hrs. Kiwi tiki tour and only mike knew what we were in for. Adventure.


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