First day into India

I was off and couldn’t wait to see India and get  into the mountains to see where we will run. I had to go via China and a long stop over wasnt what I wanted but I was excited so it seemed fine.


Until I arrived in Shanghai to find a huge nice looking airport but nothing in it, A very boring airport to spend 7 hrs in. BUt never mind.


I made a couple of new Japanese friends

I arrived into New Delhi at 2am and Mike Carter from home (school bro) who has come over to help me was there waiting. He had been there for 3 hrs already and was ready to chill by the look of his eyes. We found a hotel and then waited for Michele Ufer from Germany ( meet at Everest marathon) to arrive as he was here to help us out too.

We had a couple of days til we fly to Leh and meet the other athletes so it was time to explore after a big sleep.


Mike had been to India before so he was the guide and in true Kiwi tiki tour style got us right in the middle of nowhere and experiencing India to the full, Michele wasnt to sure about his guiding skills but somehow he found a road that had taxi’s so we were right.

We first headed to the Lotus Temple which was awesome. Nice grounds around it and nice and cool inside, well better than outside which was a muggy 35 I think.


India Gate and parliament building were next and the boys were asked for photos with the locals, normally the other way but must have been Mike’s big guns that got them.funny to watch.


The Red Fort was awesome, a huge area with heaps of buildings to see, nice place just to go and chill in the shade.




Lots of locals in here doing just that , From there as it had been a busy tourist day we went for a beer, got to test the Kingfisher beer which wasnt to bad.  We meet a new friend from France Jeanne, she was here to study and also needed a beer.


Walking though town is great, so much going on and pretty busy everywhere you look, Lots of smells, colours and people to watch in their busy street lives.


Ah Beer time which couldnt have come quicker, Hot as hell outside we got comfortable.


Was a great first day and I was now more excited about India and what was to come.

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