Arrived in Leh , Meet the other Athletes




We had a 5.30 taxi to get us to the airport for our 7.30 flight to Leh, Today we meet up with the athletes and it was on. We arrived in time but late to check in with everyone else and they were a little worried we werent coming. Just on Kiwi time I think.

Nice flight and into Leh to a awesome Local welcome by these drummers and dancers. Really nice and just for us.



Getting anything done in India can take a while and it is true there is a thing of India time, it will happen but just not right when you want . Best to get use to that right away or you will do your own head in only.

Rajat here in the yellow tee is the man behind this whole run. He has been busy sorting everything out and was finally great to meet him after all the emails.



First time to really get to talk to the others and such a nice group of different people/runners. I was really starting to join this even more. The boys getting to know each other too .



We were in different hotels but they were right next door, I was in the Silk route Hotel and the boys at Charm palace. Both pretty nice and in a quite yet far from town. Nothing a taxi ride cant fix.



That evening we had a meeting to get to know each other and the team that would be there for our every need. A awesome fun team Rajat had got ready.



There was 9 or 10 days until the start which is there for us to get use to the attitude as we were at 3300m here and thats is a big jump from sea level, there was a bit of a plan of events and trips that we could do over the nest week or so.



Well its on and exciting to think Im here to run this far in a group of people who have done so much. Im a lucky kiwi thats for sure.

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