Meeting up with Friends in Tokyo

After a lot of running around I caught up with Hide and Aki and we had some dinner at a brazilian place in China town. Great feed on the all you can eat and drink menu. Cant remember the name sorry.

Right near China town is Motomachi which is where I have a great friend called Sammy. But first we stopped into FUZZ bar and have a long awaited Corona. I couldn’t find any to drink at the end of our Japan run and as soon as I saw them tonight I was into them.

Great little bar Fuzz and super friendly staff. Thanks so much for a great time.


Then we walked along to see Sammy who I hadn’t seen in about 4 years. I walked in and he looked me up and down thinking who is this bloke, Then his huge smile came out and hugs where going everywhere. Sammy and I worked in a bar together in Shibuya back when I was 23 and it was some of the most fun times I had. We have caught up off and on over the years and great to see he is doing great. I helped rebuild this bar “WHY NOT” in Motomachi a few years ago. Nothing had broken so I was happy.



A late night in my world lately but I loved it, So much fun just to chill and have a beer with my bro’s. I have missed this a lot, I love my friends so much all of you though out the world.

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