July 12th – Tokyo thank you trip

I made Tokyo and today got to meet Rob Forsyth for the first time. We have been writing emails for the last few months and he has helped me out with heaps of things so it was nice to put a face to the name. Being a Kiwi he straight away let me in on the latest NZ thing into Japan. MOJO Coffee has dropped into Japan and will be out soon for everyone to fall in love with .

I got to meet the team and we hit it off straight away. They are coming on board and going to help me out and support us in India. SO great to have them with us.  Please keep an eye out for a cafe opening soon. I will let you know too.

Then I dropped into Outland Japan and saw Kazu and Watanabe san and the team who have done so so much for me though the run of Japan and now into India too. Sara san has been busy sorting out T-shirts and stickers for us to take over. She has been amazing.I wouldn’t be able to have all this great gear and stuff if it wasn’t for the Outland team. Love has.


I dont remember if I showed you but we got in the Soto Koto Mag this month , A great write up from Uno san and big thanks to Steve for keeping in touch and I look forward to meeting you when I get back to Japan.


The day went super fast and I didnt feel like I got to see as many people as I wanted but there is always tomorrow. Thanks so much for everything everyone.

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