July 10-11th. Hangin in Tokyo meeting Sponsors to say Thankyou

I got a ride from Fukushima with Jun san from Zun Sound. Jun supplied us with our van for the run and the day I returned it he was heading to Tokyo so I jumped in for a ride.

I was heading to Tokyo to go around and say thank you to everyone that has been a huge part of our run. I hope I can get to everyone in the next few days .

I went to meet the Sliver ferry team who had donated our trip from Hachinohe to Tomakomae when we went to Hokkaido.  A huge saving for us and great to have them support us without even meeting us. Thankyou so much. Check them out at   HERE


Also I went to BUFF Japan and saw Hirasawa san. He use to ski for Japan at the olympic in the Ski cross and is now doing some great work. One of his companies is called Buff Japan and they have lots of different Buffs that you can wear in so many different ways. Buff is coming with me to India to which is awesome. I got some new ones to take with me.Thankyou so much Gaku san.

Please check them out at   BUFF


We went out for Lunch at a old Sumo House. it is now a famous restaurant  with great food. And still has the original training ring. So cool.


I also dropped in to see Ohtake san and Suzuki san at Nihombashi Nishikawa , we had meet when I ran though Tokyo and they hoked me up with a new Air Mattress and Pillow which are so good to sleep on.

I hadn’t meet Ohtake san before and it was great to put a face to the emails . Such a nice man and they are keen to support us on our next adventures. So stoked. This time he gave me a Air Cushion to take with me to India, great to seat on on long flights and well all the time I’m on the computer. Thankyou so so much.    If you can’t sleep very well I tell you these are amazing, I are sleeping so much better now.

Please go check out the AIR products.   Click Here



I had support but had never met Suunto Before. I finally got to meet Naruse san yesterday and he was so so nice. We had had some emails problems and both were wondering why each other hadn’t written or being in touch but actually we had been trying. We hit it off and Suunto are on board. SO awesome. I picked up my new Ambit Watch which has everything and then some . Gps mode and a battery life of 50hrs. Aamzing and can’t wait to use it.  They are with us in India too and going to sort the crew out with watches too, Sunnies and other products too. Thankyou so much and it was great to meet you finally Naruse san.

Check out Suunto here at      SUUNTO


Then I caught up with Imaya san from Bluetag, Imaya san has been helping me out so much, Hooking me up with other sponsors and introducing me to so many people . Bluetag have some great athletes that they manage . I are very lucky to have their support. Honto ni Thankyou  so much

Check out them out   Bluetag

Lots of fun to see everyone again and say thank you. More tomorrow so will let you know.

Talk soon. India run time is coming fast keeping reading as we are going to go to some amazing places.

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