Amazing things we were giving along the way

I have been so so lucky as we went along and a lot of the people and kids we got to meet had either made these and where waiting for us to drive or made them up over the night we stayed in there towns.

You wouldn’t believe how much power this gave me and gives me now. I Love this side of the run, it is so much more important than any obey we ever raise, Poeple taking time to wish, send Love and just think about someone else is the best thing anyone can do for someone else I think.

A huge  huge part of our run was Kidazania , Though another friend Aki I go to met Cory who works at Kidania. he then introduced me to Nose san and we meet and they went to work on organizing events and so much more to help get the word out around japan of our run. Amazing to have this support and I really want to say  HUGE thank you to you both and to Kidzania for making time to have us come along and see your great company and all the kids that are enjoying all the fun that can be had there.  Please check out Kidzania at    their site   . CLICK HERE

While we were visiting Kidzania we meet a lot of kids who all signed these headbands , both in Koshien and Tokyo . We got 107 of these signed. SO many awesome messages and pictures.  We had them up at the fish line and a lot of locals read them and were so happy to see these.  We will be taking back up to the Tohoku area and giving them to them to be displayed somewhere so everyone can see them one day.

Arigatou gozaimasu Kidzania!!!




I took a couple of these little note pads and asked people to write a message to the people of Tohoku as I ant along, here are a few of those messages.






I use to live in Hikimi which is down south in Shimane prefecture. I went though there on the way and meet the local Jnr High School and the kids wrote these letters and we had a photo together.


Right from the start people were giving me things to take to Tohoku , here are few of those things



Towels from Imabari which is famous for being super soft,  Also one guy gave me these tapes of him singing.


Jujumo who I had radio interviews with on Toyomi Fm radio in Okinawa gave these towels and their new Cd. They kept in touch right though the run and we did 5 interviews, So awesome support.


A present I got from the Awesome team at Outland Japaho , they have been amazing to me, not just translating my blog every day which was HUGE but just being there as friends and helping with so much for the whole time. I got this from them early on in the run and carried it with me the whole way, So special to me.


The second Island I went to was Amami Oshima. I knew no one but though friend I meet on Okinawa I meet 6 amazing people. Ganaha san and his friends meet me at the airport, picked me up , organized so much for me, let me stay at their house, the whole lot, Even to follow me as I ran their island and see me off again at the airport. i was there for 27 hrs and they were with me for 26.5hrs, all apart from toilet time.  A huge thank you and Ill se you again soon. Every beautiful Island which I gotta go back too.


So shots of the kids I meet on Okinawa. Also I had a special guest run with me from kyoto , Kay who is right now running Japan in the other way to me , he has already done is once and also run america and will go to aussie and NZ in the next few years and continue this Peace runs there too. Amazing man living life to the full. Best of luck always Kay.

Check out Kays blog at      Click Here     and his Facebook page is called Katsuhiko Takashige. Please support him!!


Some more great things we got along the way




This was our final goal line tape. I will have this always. I had no idea anyone would be there and to have something like this made up for us I was so happy.




There was NZ flags up and also a few people with these Tees on, NZ and Japan together as one. I loved it.

I got this amazing signed flag way down the bottom of Japan in Kyushu. 26 kids in this school and all signed it for us. First thing we got. I was blown away by it.


This Painting was given to me at the end , hand painted by Jun who is from Kesennuma. It is of Kesennuma before the tsunami so even more special as it is all gone now sadly.


Lastly I thought I would drop these in, Right one is of the Ginga 100km marathon which I did on June 10th and made it in 10 hrs 53mins. super happy day as we also made 3000kms on same day. Then second one is from the Ganbarzou 10km marathon I did at Listel Inawashiro up and over the ski field, it was so hard. I have run all of Japan and had nothing sore in my legs but when I did this 10kms I was sore for 3 days. so funny so different mucles are used.


So you can see where I get all my energy and power to get up and run everyday. I love everything and everyone who was apart of our run in any small way. it is so important and i wouldn’t do it without it.


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