Last 3 days since the finish of Japan run

7th July 

Well it has been awesome not getting up and putting on the shoes but then I also miss it a lot. Just to be finished is amazing but I miss the meeting people and having that goal of doing something crazy huge.

We had a great night last night, Me Shingo and Hide went out and had a few beers, nothing to huge but good to relax. We went back to the cafes and bars where we finished and talked to a lot of the owners there. Meet some great people . Here’s the view from our hotel of Kesennuma remember this was all under water.


It was time to check out and as we would be heading home Marianne would be off on her own to continue biking south towards Okinawa, we were and are still a bit worried about her and we waited until she had finished getting her stuff tied onto her bike. It was really the first time she had done it and yes there was a few problems pop up and me, Shingo and Hide watched and yes laughed as she tried to sort it out. it took 2 hrs but she got it sorted and was off . It was great to have her there while I ran . Thanks heaps and please look after yourself.


Us well we were off towards Fukushima as Shingo was getting the over night bus back to Osaka later tonight. Hide also would be heading back to Yokohama . We stopped into see and thank Shirahata san who had been the man behind the whole finish but sadly he wasn’t there. Will have to give him a call and say thank you.  He was awesome in getting so many people to come along and also lots of Media.

Then we went to see Tiroh who is from Pakistan but has been living in Japan for 25 yrs. He is a amazing man, when the tsunami happened he didn’t waste any time and went straight to some of the areas and even though he got told to go home he stayed and cooked curry to feed all the people left homeless by the tsunami and he is still doing it now . He goes around to the different temporary housing that 1000’s of people are living in and does a cook up for them. We went to see what he was up to . It was great and he has a great team of volunteers  that help him. He makes enough curry to feed up to 500 people in one go. Thankyou for sharing your stories and I wish you all the best for the future. Your Doing a amazing thing bro.

I took a lot of photos here but when I got home i found that the memory card wasn’t in the camera, sorry everyone Im gutted to so many cool shots. The Local ladies make these Owls and give them to everyone who volunteers in their village. thank you so much

We got to Fukushima and had a last dinner and I saw the boys off then it was just me again, Not the best time in a event as you know then it is really over and finished. as I said good bye to Shingo I had a bit of a cry and thanked him so much for the amazing job he had done for not only me but the whole of Japan. your a legend bro and I will never forget how you came along and firstly saved me and then helped so many people. Thankyou bro.

I jumped in the car and headed over the hill back to Inawashiro to my work place of Hotel Listel Inawashiro. Great to be home but super sad.

8th July

A slow start to the day but I was aloud today. I have a lot of cleaning up to do and thought with my India trip coming up in less than 2 weeks I had better get into it . But first I went around and saw the Listel team as it had been a while.

A huge thank you to Kazu and Onaya san at Outland Japaho for their amazing work at getting my T-shirts sorted for india, Sara san has been designing them and finding  a place to print them for us. You are doing a super great job, Thankyou so so much Sara.

 There was a lot of stuff packed into the van and you don’t really know or remember whats in there until you unpack . I wasn’t moving to fast at all and yes I had a lot of rests doing it. Sun was out so I enjoyed it to the max too. 

Also took time to watch a couple of movies and I also ad to start as I are running way to late on sorting things for this next little adventure I will do in India. Im off to run well try and run that is 222kms in 60hrs at attitudes of between 3800m to 5600mts. I had flights to book and fees to pay which I are running late on. 

I also spent the day going though all the presents and things we got from people though out the run. I took some photos and will get them up and show you in the next couple of days. so much love and great things. especially the headbands from Kiidzania there was 107 of them all signed by kids all over japan. AWESOME!!!

Got most of that sorted which was great and then wrote a few letters off to sponsors to start saying thank you to each of them. They all have done a great job in helping this event come together and it wouldn’t have been as much fun with out them . Arigatou!!!!

9th July 

Up early and into washing the van as I would return it back to Zun company in Fukushima tonight . Sun was out and I was in no hurry at all.

At about 11am I had a call from J-Wave Radio in Roppongi and we did a 10 minute live interview about how he run went. great to have their support. It was the 2nd time we had talked . So so awesome, they are huge radio station in Japan we were very lucky to get on air.

I then packed a quick bag and was off to Fukushima as we had a dinner to get to with Zun and Happy Happy Curry bosses Jun and Matsui san. Matsui san has just opened this new oyster bar and we went along to check it out.Junko Sakuma from Radio Fukushima also came down and a few other friends. So much fun and I got a few presents of congratulations. Thankyou so much.



Tomoe from Happy Happy Curry bought me this awesome rabbit plant. Arigatou


Was a about 12am when we finished and as me and Jun san were off to Tokyo at 5am it was straight to sleep.

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