Day 96 , Namita Beach/Otsuchi to Ofunato




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We started at the surf beach of Namita which today had some small waves. SO wish we had time. It was a great night had with Yoshida Hide san and all the team at Otsuchi . We stayed in the school again and was great to be back. It was about 4 weeks ago that we were here and man did it go fast.


The school doesn’t have a bath or shower so we had to go find one , we popped around to see Ogasawara san and his wife who we had dinner with last time we were here and they sorted  us out then this morning they were out front of their houses when I ran past, so great to see them and can’t thank you enough for your support.

Up and down and still more and more towns lost . It is really amazing to see with your own eyes. Every time we hit the water side we find something.



Then after 20kms we made it into Kamishi which is where Naoko Tsunoo lives and is working . She has helped us so much with getting our volunteering sorted and introducing us to a lot of people in the area. Was great to be able to meet her again nd her awesome team. Thankyou for coming out and cheering us on.

A few shots of Shingo’s day from the van. Not a bad office view.



We had a special guest with us today, Yoshida san and his wife were here for the day with us. I meet him at the Iwate Ginga 100km marathon and he drove down to run the day with me. SO great to have this now but felt bad as he couldn’t have picked a worst day. We ran up and down so much today, The climbs were so of the hardest I have had the whole trip.


As you can see in the photo above that Marianne was with us at this point but not even 30hr later she wasn’t and we thought that she might have takin the wrong road and yep sure enough she went up the highway that bikes, people aren’t aloud to so just as we were finishing for the day I get a call from her saying the police had picked her up and she was with them. I pissed myself laughing as I had just said to yoshida san that wouldn’t it be funny if that happened and within 30 mins it did.

Then as we were sitting at the finish laughing about Marianne the police pulled up and came to us to tell us that she was with the other cops. We said a big sorry for the trouble and went to pick her up. As we pulled up there was 3 cop cars there and Marianne climbed out of the car with her head down, ME and Shingo were laughing so much. Awesome end to the day.


Even one of the cop cars broke down while picking her up which we played off that she would have to pay for it too. I was loving it.


There were 12 cops there with her and 2 that came to see us. She had ridden into a tunnel and someone had rang in to report her on a bike. Not sure how she missed the huge green sign that you can touch from the road side but she did. I tell you she won’t miss it again.

We said sorry to the boys in blue again and headed off to find a hotel and pick up my friend Noyuri who had come up for the last day.


A huge thank you to Yoshida san for doing the whole day with me, We ran 53kms today .A fun day and now only 1 to go. I think it is about 40kms to go. Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the map of todays run    Click Here

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